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    • I actually think it is a tragedy that the governments maintenance records are so shocking we can’t have Nuclear Enegry. Knowing The National Party they’d just privatize it for dairy irrigation boom or whoops a bit leaked out.

      • Say something sensible or don’t bother Sam. Normally you talk half sense but that cheap shot at the Nats is pathetic. Unless you’re talking on behalf of the National party of course.

  1. Pathetic – more strain on schools and the health care system with a free for all coming into NZ and being able to use the welfare system while Kiwis live in motels and die on the hospital waiting lists.

    Meanwhile another low wage worker can bring in all their kids and parents into NZ to live and they get free health care and schooling.

    Absolutely not fair for local people being hammered for housing and infrastructure and ACC, and as a continuing part of Rogernomics it’s another nail in the coffin for NZ being able to afford a functioning welfare system and becoming a low wage economy with lower and lower working conditions.

    National’s restriction on low-paid migrants bringing their families to New Zealand reversed

    • Trouble is most young Kiwis wouldn’t do certain jobs, so Labour does as the Nats did, open the doors to more immigration. Hypocrisy much?

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