GUEST BLOG: Ross Meurant – Luckiest Politician on the Planet: WINNIE


No need to traverse the downward spiral of Jacinda.

No need to traverse the collateral damage – Simon on the rise and little to do with ability.

But perhaps a need to once again recognize the hand fate plays in the rise and fall of mercurial politicians like Winston.

From the remarkable find of a missing vote coupon box at some voting booth somewhere in Tauranga in 1999 when NZ First was sitting on a List vote of 4.26 % and oblivion, as Winnie trailed National’s Katherine O’Regan in the vote count for the electorate seat.

What was in the box was a majority for Winston of 63 votes!

I was at that election night soiree for Winston – or should I say, wake (for in those days we were mates and this was just before the Scampi saga hit the fan).

As Winston said, in his indomitable style, at the miraculous find and remarkable recovery: “It’s all a matter of timing.”  (I think he was talking about finding the missing box.)

From then to now (too many astonishing escapes from the political guillotine to summarize here); another collateral issue arising from Jacinda apparently not paying attention to detail, called fate.

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Jacinda’s mistake is Winston’s revival and guarantee to play the King Maker again – next elections.

Labour will lose voter support over Jacinda dropping this pass.

That support won’t go to National.  It won’t go to the Greens – if in fact they exist come next elections.  But it will go to NZ First.

Invariably, its that swinging center 7% who constantly move with the wind: Not too far left and not too far right.  Sort of hang about in center territory where having principles is not really a pre- requisite for membership.

Vicissitudes of Politics.

And where will Winnie caste his cloak for the final show?

Assuming he is almost recovered from a rugby injury and does front; I’ll leave that to you fellas to cast your vote below.

Ross Meurant is a former Police Officer, Politician and author. His current book is available to purchase here…


  1. It’s an interesting reckons.
    NZ Firsts conservative base are not happy with them – broken promises all over the place and they are likely to not be returned because of it. NZ First know it.
    Labour support going to Winnie? Never say never I guess but this situation is more likely to resuscitate the greens than NZ first. Can’t see the soccer moms on the North Shore suddenly turning conservative.
    Also likely a bunch of people become disillusioned and don’t vote.

  2. Spot on Ross, our whole family will be voting for real change and Winston is the only skillful politician we have to do this for our common good.

  3. I’d like to see NZ First Left Right out of the mix.

    With Ron Mark and Shane Jones looming in the back room, mercurial may be replaced by madness.

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