Goff’s CCO appointments only temporary – JT for Mayor


John Tamihere says new appointments to Council Controlled Organisations by Phil Goff and council are temporary and all CCO Boards and Directors will be reviewed under a Tamihere mayoralty.

Yesterday Goff confirmed nine directors to Watercare, Regional Facilities Auckland (RFA), Panuku and Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development (ATEED).

Tamihere said all CCO directorships would be reviewed – especially those which have occurred in the past 3 months.

“I am disgusted the Mayor, 3 weeks out from an election, chooses to appoint 9 new directors to the out-of- control Council Controlled Organisations,” Tamihere said.

“Mr Goff knows that in the heat of an election campaign, all of these appointments should be placed in limbo. I want to make it clear to all directors appointed within the last 90 day period, they are temporary appointments, in the event that I am elected. I repeat they are temporary directors if I am elected.

“Given the poor performance across a number of the CCOs, I will be reviewing all Chair and Board appointments. We will open the books and cut the waste and this review will be part of this.”

Tamihere said this was not a reflection on those appointments.

“This is no reflection on those appointees, but a breach on a constitutional convention that in the middle of an election campaign, you do not rort an appointment process but hold off until you have won the election,” he said.

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Tamihere will release his procurement policy next week.


  1. Just when you though Tamihere’s chances had died, Phil goes and rubs the voters noses in it again!

    Wonder if these Coo’s are ‘mates’ of Phil’s? Who the hell knows what Kleptocracy is being kept alive at Auckland Council and their merry band of totally unaccountable neoliberals.

    Sad if Temaihere had run without all the privatisation and bridge rubbish, (the Boague, influence) he would have won and it would have been nice to see Phil get chucked out pf politics for crimes against the people.

  2. Bullshit pulls up shit, for their shit – but still sounds like bullshit.

    DONT VOTE – don’t give these undemocratic tossers any legitimacy.

    • @ Adam, I disagree, do a protest vote, to show what they are missing out on.

      Not voting, always favours right wing policy winning.

      We already have two right wingers who are ex labour (go figure), so voting for a left leaning candidate sends a message.

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