Waatea News Column: If your baby is being stolen by Oranga Tamariki, you must immediately start live streaming it


New shameful footage of Oranga Tamariki using Police to take a new born Maori infant from a mothers arms has emerged from Auckland Hospital and the outrage should be deafening.

Oranga Tamariki is another neoliberal welfare experiment using big data to punish parents for future crimes so as to slash costs. It was created in 2016 and weaponised CYFs uplift powers while diminishing parental rights, shutting off Parents eligibility for legal aid to challenge uplifts and has no independent oversight.

To allow a Government agency this amount of unfettered power will always negatively impact those with the least amount and as this graph shows, that is Māori.

To date, the Government have been painfully shy in challenging this neoliberal welfare experiment, and the only thing that has slowed this appalling and deeply flawed policy has been media attention.

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The simple truth is that the only way we will be able to force the Politicians and Oranga Tamariki to change, is by publicly shaming them.

If your whanau’s baby is being stolen by Oranga Tamariki, you must immediately start live streaming it to shame these terrible Government officials the way American Police are shamed when they shoot/arrest African-Americans.

Only by showing the rest of NZ the deplorable and deeply questionable tactics of Oranga Tamariki will we shame our Politicians into doing the right thing.


First published on Waatea News.


  1. Makes me sick that they can’t even fund their own defence through legal aid. All those babies, mostly Maori.

    No need for messy land wars to kill off the iwi nowadays.

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