Top 3 most well-reviewed casinos in New Zealand


Nothing can be more thrilling than getting a winning hand in poker, striking a slot machine jackpot or rolling the dice on a craps table, inside a bustling casino facility. You can experience all of this and much more at reputed off-line and online casinos of today!


Talking about New Zealand in specific, the country has quite a few world-class casinos where you can enjoy an evening full of gambling action. Alternatively, you can even choose to play at some reputed online casinos such as Euro Palace and others, and potentially win millions of dollars from within the comfort of your home! Let’s now acquaint you with 3 of the most well reviewed casinos in all of New Zealand.

SkyCity Auckland

It is not without any reason that people call New Zealand the adventure capital of the world! SkyCity Auckland casino has a specially designed platform situated 192 m above the ground level, from where you can sky jump at speeds of 85 km/h, giving yourself the ultimate adrenaline rush. The casino was opened in the year 1996. Apart from its 1600 gaming machines and 1000 table games, it also offers live entertainment, world-class restaurants and top-rated poker tournaments. Its biggest claim to fame is its 328 m high Sky Tower, which is recognised as a standout feature of the Auckland skyline today. Interestingly, SkyCity’s full year profit fell by 14.7%, $ 137 million last year because a large number of gamblers won more than expected at Baccarat! So you know which game to play when you are heading here!

Christchurch Casino

The first casino to open in New Zealand, Christchurch Casino was launched in the year 1994, in Christchurch’s Victoria Street. In 2004, SkyCity bought a 40% stake in this casino, making Dunedin Casino, the only gambling operation in New Zealand in which they don’t have any equity. The casino remained unscathed despite the 2011 earthquake and welcomes a great multitude of visitors throughout the year, from all parts of the world. It is in fact one of Christchurch’s prime venues and a major evening attraction. This casino houses 500+ slot machines and 34 table games including roulette, baccarat, blackjack, money wheel, Caribbean Stud poker and more. It also hosts multiple big events such as the New Zealand poker championship and also has 2 bars and 3 restaurants in it.

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Dunedin Casino

Constructed in the year 1883 and once known as Dunedin’s Grand Hotel, designed by the well-known Italian architect Louis Boldini, this facility was the most impressive in all of southern hemisphere at one point of time. It underwent major renovation in 1999, and transformed into Dunedin Casino. You will find a large number of table games, 180 electronic machines, regular poker games and live entertainment here. Situated on the High Street, the heart of the city, it is no more than a few minutes’ walk away from the Octagon.