Simon Bridges makes sweet love to the Chinese and goes full Trump on critics


it would be difficult to find a time since the Tiananmen Square massacre when China is being more abusive towards human rights.

So National’s visit to China would be difficult enough as it is with those issues, but because of National’s unique subservience to China, where so many National MPs have private business relationships with Chinese interests, the trip is even more alarming.

Watching Simon Bridges meet with the Head of China’s Secret Police alongside Gerry Brownlee who is the NZSIS spokesperson and chaperoned by Dr Jiang Yang who is accused of being a Chinese spy should be raising alarm bells within the mainstream media, but the media are too busy focusing on a failed Block auction, MAFS scandals and Labour Party scandals.

Bridges astounding praise of China on Chinese State media looks less like an interview and more like a hostage video.

What has been most interesting about this has been Bridge’s caustic response to any criticism of his meeting with the Chinese head of secret police

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“But to run the woke line that some of you love so much on Twitter that that somehow means we shouldn’t be visiting and we shouldn’t be having a relationship with a superpower that we trade with more than any other country in the world, I think is pretty irresponsible.”

…Bridges has understood what Brexit, Trump & ScoMo knows – politics via social media is about enraging the perpetually offended who amplify their subjective fury to a wider electorate who recoil from that anger and push them towards him.

This follows Bridges launching a stinging attack on Jacinda’s attempt at putting limits on social media extremism…

Simon Bridges lashes out at Jacinda Ardern’s attempts to curb terrorist content online

Simon Bridges has launched an extraordinary attack on attempts to curb terrorist content online in the wake of the Christchurch attack.

Jacinda Ardern is working with social media bosses to prevent the spread of extreme content, but Bridges claims it’s a waste of time and that New Zealanders don’t care.

The Prime Minister met with Jack Dorsey of Twitter on Monday to discuss the issue. 

“[She should spend] less time with Jack from Twitter, less time with Facebook, less time worrying about these international issues,” says Bridges.

…Bridges gets that the Dark Art of politics now is not in the proposal and debate of ideas, it is the promotion of anger as policy which is communicated to potential voters via social media based on the outrage it generates amongst identifiable tribal protagonists.

The more the woke scream at Simon, the more those alienated by the Woke side with Simon.

National’s acquiesce to China is concerning enough, Simon’s mastery of the lessons from Trump, Brexit and ScoMo is down right frightening.

Don’t write him or National off for the 2020 election.



  1. soimon has been over there grovelling not the Kind of man or leader we want to be our PM i wonder how much donations he got for the 2020 election and what he gave away or promised.

  2. “The more the woke scream at Simon, the more those alienated by the Woke side with Simon.”

    This is exactly correct. All the woke virtue signalling, identity politics and social justice warrior nontroversies (and it really IS almost all nontroversy) is little more than “first world problems” and everyone with common sense sees right through it (which is unfortunate for the Greens election chances). I mean look at this latest bit of unbelievable woke nonsense:
    What normal family is going to play that? What, so “equality” means women should be paid more than men now? And if a male wins anyway (despite a clear disadvantage) what then? It beggars belief how dumb and counterproductive this is.

  3. The 2020 campaign is going to be the dirtiest since Muldoon’s 1975, and Key’s 2014. Soymun has adopted a pathetic “Trump junior” persona, but it may well pay off for the filthy Nats. Many use social media as their only point of political discourse–hah fucking hah–but that is the state of things for a whole bunch of angry, indebted, alienated, New Zealanders.

    One of the positives perhaps is the Cannabis Referendum which may get a few more voters out. A generational voter shift is going to happen that will see the boomers overrun at last, but likely not till 2023, so all efforts have to be made to get this annoyingly placid Govt. re-elected. Pity they cannot see the “enemy within” in the Public Service and Parliamentary staff that are feeding directly to the Nats to undermine and stonewall what good initiatives the Govt is trying to do.

    Political action outside of Parliamentary forms is what is really needed. Ihumātao shows what is possible when people power mobilises. The Auckland cops operational shortcomings were exposed when the call went out, yes on social media, and Police were outnumbered and an accomodation had to be reached while talks go on. Mass action is what is needed to push the Govt into recanting on the structural underpinnings of neo liberalism in this country. Until then a Labour Govt. is always going to be a lesser of two evils proposition.

  4. “Creating fake Islands to expand false territory claims.”
    Human Rights abuse? Huh? No one lives out there. No people have been displaced.

    “The destabilisation and violent crack down in Hong Kong.”
    Huh? Not one person has been killed after 14 weeks of rioting.

    We have protesters vandalising train stations, bringing the airport to a standstill for two whole days, and lighting bonfires in front of MTR entrances, as well as beating up people who disagree with them, I think the Hong Kong police have been mighty restrained.

    After all, we are dealing with rioters who rushed into the legislative council (the equivalent of our NZ parliament), completely trashed the place and flew the flag of a foreign power inside. If they tried that in any Western country, particularly the US, there would likely have been deaths.

  5. Watching Simon Bridges meet with the Head of China’s Secret Police alongside Gerry Brownlee who is the NZSIS spokesperson and chaperoned by Dr Jiang Yang who is accused of being a Chinese spy should be raising alarm bells within the mainstream media

    National government also met, no doubt with former heads of the CIA and FBI and hosted them in Queenstown.

    Did you say anything about that then Martyn?

    • Kia Ora Mark, you’ve clearly never met me or read anything I have ever written because if you had you would be aware I led the public campaign against mass surveillance by America and the 5 Eyes and have been highly critical of America’s dominance of our intelligence apparatus.

      You’ve either NEVER visited the daily blog before or you are playing games.

      Which one is it?

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