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  1. Sad that kids are routinely denied an education in NZ by schools and principals illegally ‘informally’ suspending children.

    In this case a principal informally suspends a 10 year old for inappropriate behaviour (instead of getting the 10yo boy help and guidance about appropriate sexual behaviour) and calls in CYFS (meanwhile another abused kid is probably dying while CYPS do another investigation and report of this type of minor case which you would think the school could handle) and then instead of the school waiting for the CYPS report, which finds that class room management was the biggest causal factor, they suspend the 10 yo boy and deny his his right to an education.

    What happened to health care and learning about bodies and sexual behaviour in school! Yep another identity group has probably banned it for younger kids and the school budget for gender neutral toilets is probably more of an exciting subject to explore, meanwhile the mainstream have sexually confused kids getting completely screwed up and criminalised, in the process!

    No wonder we have such family violence in NZ and such high male suicide, when we have such over reactions and inconsistency and treating young male behaviour as some sort of crime, instead of calmly educating the kid and having calm ways to encourage the correct and appropriate behaviour between men and women!

    You can totally see how Peter Ellis managed to be convicted with the hysteria we have in NZ about children and perceived sexual crimes turned witch hunts if there is an easy target of a little kid to vent onto.

    Meanwhile in the roast busters case, much older boys who actually raped and gave young girls alcohol do not get prosecuted??????

    Taxi drivers, celebrities and sports stars who grope and rape get off!

    WTF is going on with society, aka going crazy over minor transgressions of vulnerable kids and tying up resources on very minor cases that used to be dealt with, while ignoring the BIG, BIG stuff going on with sexual crimes in NZ!

  2. While I don’t support the block as such, nice to actually see a bank giving out some charity generously out of their own pockets, rather than the new corporate way of making their customers give donations that they repurpose as their own as facilitators…..because the corporates are too tight to give their own money and envagle their way into the public minds through deception of their generosity. (OZ banks and OZ Supermarkets seem most guilty of that).

    Well done TSB, for actually donating real money out of their own pockets!

    TSB Bank to gift $10,000 to each of The Block NZ losing teams

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