GUEST BLOG: Bryan Bruce – Boris, Brexit and Us


Those of you who have been following what’s happened in the British Parliament will know the Conservatives have now lost their majority and Boris Johnsone’s power as Prme Minister has been challenged because the legislature rose up over his Brexit policy.

Whatever happens over Brexit will seriously affect our economy

So,frustatingly, the completion of my Trade Secrets doco must remain on hold as I do not want to release a documentary full of ifs and buts and maybes.

I’m going to wait until the Brexit position becomes clearer – and that may not happen until the possible British General Election that is now being talked about takes place.

Who knows?

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It is an extraordinary moment in British parliamentary history .

Bryan Bruce is one of NZs most respected documentary makers and public intellectuals who has tirelessly exposed NZs neoliberal economic settings as the main cause for social issues.


  1. So what do you think will be clarified by an early election Bruce?
    If Bojo gets re elected with a workable majority I guess it will, and that seems the most likely as long as Farage co-operates with him in one way or another, but otherwise it is still anyones guess what will happen and how long it will take. The Lib Dems have come clean that they would cancel article 50 if they had the power, but Labour will remain torn between it’s brexiters and remainers. They will want to keep trying to remain in the EU without taking responsibility for welching on the referendum, while many of them resist re-running the referendum because of the likelihood that it would produce the same result as the last. So they will attempt to run one with remain as one option and something much less than brexit as the other . Eliminating the possibility of the voters opting for the clean break they voted for last time.
    It is a strange pass they have arrived at at the moment. Until 2011 and the Cameron government Lib Dem coalition minority government needing stability to deal with the aftermath of the GFC, it was always the Prime ministers sole prerogative to call a snap election if he found he (she) could not command a majority to implement the government’s stated programme . Pretty obvious requirement I would have thought. By taking over parliament’s business agenda and bringing in a law that requires the Prime Minister to reverse his loudly stated manifesto , and then taking this recent anomaly to prevent him from having a election so someone else has the mandate to govern ,they have placed him in the position that has full responsibility for the most significant negotiations and decisions the UK has dealt with in the last 50 years or so without the control or authority to act.
    I thought that the Queen having responsibility to the PM and no one else might have declined to pass the act into law, but she has done. Now I would think that the situation that puts Bojo in of having responsibility but no control would have to be the subject of some legal clarification. It is a ridiculous situation and patently unworkable .
    We will watch with interest.
    D J S

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