Political Caption Competition


Don’t you love it when Politicians suddenly find their road to Damascus via Amsterdam and demand cannabis reform AFTER they leave Parliament – where was this sudden clarity when you were in a position to actually do something???


  1. “Welcome to Wokeville, I’m Simon Shepard”.

    Peter Dunne seems to use this playbook as well as aunty, he’s now supposedly an expert radio commentator on drug reform when he was responsible for both inaction on cannabis and the synthetic drug trainwreck while in office. At the other extreme we have ministers in government now wanting to woke virtue signal on every issue before them (i.e. react to media and/or be swayed by outrage), typically using blunt tools that affect everyone such as:

    -proposing taxes on sugar, alcohol, foods etc. because of a few bingers who can’t show restraint and harm themselves or others;

    -reducing freedoms such as access to types of information (violent footage e.g. allied bombings or online gaming, to preserve a certain imperialist narrative or because a few nutcases don’t know the difference between fantasy and reality;
    pornography, because parents can’t control their naturally curious kids online or because it doesn’t fit a minister’s do-gooder world view;
    even journalism, because why let the truth get in the way of a good story when corporates, elites, the state, media and lobbyists can beat down on minorities, withold records, control society, sell stuff, wreck the environment or trivialise life)

    -bombarding the populace with threat levels on everything from Muslims to Russia, then either backtracking when the narrative is debunked or letting the story splutter out in the hope that truth seekers and internet sleuths don’t cross examine the evidence. Alternatively gigantic awareness campaigns are pushed with the latest concern, driven by PR and MSM, resulting in virtue champions and publicly-announced funding to the same populace (often providing intractable problems to impossible solutions)

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