Where are all the anti-vaxxers to explain the measles epidemic?‬


Measles frontline: Parents of unvaccinated kids told to stay away from Auckland, kids being kept away from major sports tournament

Parents of unvaccinated children are being encouraged not to take them in or out of Auckland as authorities try to prevent the measles outbreak from spreading any further.

It comes as more than a thousand students at South Auckland schools are being kept at home to prevent further risk of contamination. Children at one school were being asked to stay away from a nationwide sports tournament next week for the same reason.

The Ministry of Health is warning people travelling to Auckland to make sure they are vaccinated. It says parents should make sure infants aged 12 to 14 months have their jabs at least two weeks before visiting Auckland – even though the vaccine is usually given at 15 months.

So I’m guessing that the current hellscape of the measles epidemic that is plaguing NZ is the glorious future of tomorrow anti-vaxxers wish for?

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What’s next?

Locusts and frogs falling from the sky?

Do anti-vaxxers think an eclipse is the moon dragon eating the Sun God?


  1. It’s not entirely anti vaxers fault.
    Our media and especially social media are so so terrible at reporting actual science and so owned by corporate interest that people don’t know what to believe.
    After constantly being played for political or commercial ends, people no longer trust what they are being told.
    So they go with their gut.
    On Facebook your gut has similar worth to actual fact.
    I think with anti vaxers, misdirection of maternal (and to a lesser extent paternal)protection instincts also has a major role (what are they sticking in my baby!)

    To get the truth you have to read the science yourself, and most people don’t know how to interpret a scientific study, or they can’t pick actual science from selective facts.

    • There has been plenty of publication about the discredited anti-vaccine doctor being struck off.

      “It took nearly six months but the General Medical Council (GMC) in the U.K. has pulled Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s license to practice medicine in the United Kingdom.”

  2. Oh no there’s a measles epidemic – run for the hills we’re all going to die!!!

    I do not understand why The Daily Blog is falling into lockstep with the pharmaceutical industrial complex on this issue. I’m not asking for a change of opinion just an acknowledgement that debating this issue is actually OK.

    At the moment asking for a debate about vaccination brings on the same result as wanting to debate the existence of god in the middle ages.

    No one expects the Spanish Inquistition…

  3. “At the moment asking for a debate about vaccination brings on the same result as wanting to debate the existence of god in the middle ages.”

    God probably doesnt exist

    Theres no evidence eitger way

    But vaccinatiin is proven and has saved millions if lives. We are past debating that

    • Where’s your data? It’s funny because the data I see shows that vaccines are not safe nor effective and actually cause more harm than good. But you just keep spouting your pharmaceutical propaganda and hope for the best that you don’t get a ‘hot batch’ next time you or your loved ones get a vaccination.

  4. “It took nearly six months but the General Medical Council (GMC) in the U.K. has pulled Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s license to practice medicine in the United Kingdom.” He tried to link autism to vaccines.

  5. Mr. Bradbury. Have you too fallen into the trap of blaming so-called ‘anti-vaxxers’ for the current outbreak of measles? Even IMAC has stopped pushing that barrow.

    You have of course perused the data on immunisation rates provided by the Ministry of Health? The data broken down by ethnicity, dhb, deprivation index and the like? ( https://www.health.govt.nz/our-work/preventative-health-wellness/immunisation/immunisation-coverage/national-and-dhb-immunisation-data)

    And of course the latest measles vaccination rates….both for the first MMR jab and the second? (https://www.health.govt.nz/our-work/diseases-and-conditions/measles-information-health-professionals/measles-immunisation-coverage)

    Pray explain to those of us who are clearly a little dim how exactly you arrive at the conclusion that low vaccination rates in some communities is due solely to the nefarious influence of ‘anti-vaxxers’?

    And, and, if the anti vaxxers are to be blamed for measles…how come there is a marked drop in the number of kids receiving their second MMR jab? Surely the first jab would be rejected?

    No Mr Bradbury, you are mistaken. Do some basic research. Expand your mind and investigate a little deeper.

    Start by reading this…https://www.bmj.com/content/bmj/2/5401/75.full.pdf … and ask yourself why is it that in those dark days before the measles vaccine and more specifically in the 1962-63 epidemic, 11.5 per 1000 cases of measles required hospitalisation whereas today 40 per 100 cases require hospitalisation.

    Of course you won’t bother reading any of the documents linked to will you Bomber? Just stay in your comfort zone.

    • Et tu Rosemary?
      I’m absolutely certain our hospitalization criteria, and pretty much everything in antiviral treatment have changed since the 1960s.
      Correlation vs causation? (Eg more likely to hospitalize and successfully treat a life threatening virus now than in the 1960s)
      Have you got any mortality stats for measles to compare between then and now? Morbidity and mortality rates?
      As to lower rates of second MMR, there can be a million reasons why, including poor information (thinking a single shot will protect – like contracting measles- “why do I need another shot”) it’s proof of nothing.

    • Great data. Vaccination rates increasing to the highest its ever been. So not so much anti vaxxers except as a scapegoat so you dont have to explain what the data says. The astronomical increase in hospitalisation rates since 1963 from around 1% to 40% now require some serious analysis. Still I suppose for the woke vaxxers its a lot easier to label the small percentage of unvaccinated as kids of anti vaxxers

      • Some of them are kids of anti Vaxers.
        But I’d absolutely agree demonising non vaccinated kids and their parents is counterproductive.
        As Rosemaries data above shows, vaccination is phenomenally good at protecting a population from measles, we should be educating and encouraging and making it as simple as possible to vaccinate , not acting like Wokies and demonising and preaching at the “other”.

  6. So please read the vaccine insert and tell me that you would still be happy to have any of these side effects instead of ‘catching’ a mild childhood illness that 1) makes you immune for life 2) passes your immunity on to your babies when they need it 3) helps prevent cancer and other degenerative diseases in later life 4) that means that you are not at the mercy of a massive pharmaceutical corporation for your continued health https://www.fda.gov/media/75191/download Please also be aware that the latest research shows the MMR to be highly contaminated with heavy metals and other “unidentifiable” substances and no actual active ingredient, which is interesting because vaccine failure is somewhat common, and means that the vaccine is worse than useless. And parents are not being taught how to manage a normal disease of childhood – instead told to use panadol which will damage the liver and reduce glutathione production which you need to detoxify. Measles cases need vit A, vit C and Vit D, rest, fluids, NOT panadol or steroids please

    • I wonder if those in hospital would call it mild. I wonder if you would be so cavalier if your child was suffering from cancer and unable to be immuned.

  7. Today’s Herald….

    “Plummeting vaccination rates are being driven largely by the failure to immunise babies born into poor or Māori families – not by parents deliberately opting out.”

    “”I think people have got a bit carried away with the impact of anti-vaxx,” said Dr Nikki Turner, the director of the Immunisation Advisory Centre.
    “Vaccine hesitancy has always been with us in New Zealand. That isn’t changing. What is changing is our society, how hard it is for families to access care, and the impact of poverty.””


    From a ‘left’ POV, its simply a cop out to blame one group…to wit “anti-vaxxers”… for the current measles epidemic.
    So, Bomber, who’re going to blame for the 200deaths per year in NZ from rheumatic heart disease?

  8. All very interessant, the internet, or the old library card index as we knew it, has delivered a full load of tripe onto our laps. Maybe we Protestants (spiritual or actual) do need an a mediating expert? The common folk can’t be trusted with access to information?

    Twerps. There’s no substitute for intelligence. Or recognition of the limit of your own, which seems to be needed since the intervening authorities disappeared.

    Since the first printing we’ve relied on the advantages of information outweighing the downsides. We have to rely on that beneficial bow wave still — idiots aside.

  9. If y’all had read Bomber accurately, he is simply requesting an explanation from anti vaxxers as to how they see the situation. Yes they are most certainly dangerous, and should be able to explain exactly how a measles epidemic is in fact a good thing. Meanwhile those of us with small children are understandably worried; if vaccination was good enough for polio and tb, why is is not for other avoidable and potentially fatal diseases? The flu vaccine is a joke yes, as influenza mutates more than a ninja turtle, but the group of vaccinations recommended for a child’s first years are undoubtedly a positive part of this sometimes civilised society.

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