Boris Johnson blindsides Westminster Democracy – understanding the neoliberal plutocracy behind Brexit


I think Boris Johnson represents a threat to Democracy as serious if not more serious than Trump because beyond the buffoonery, Johnson is far more vicious and manipulative.

The recent blindsiding of closing Parliament, the stacking of his front bench with neoliberal acolytes, his taking the Leadership via the membership – each step is as cunning and manipulative as Frank Underwood in Game of Cards.

To fully appreciate the scale of manipulation here, one has to appreciate why British Billionaires backed Brexit.

The only real threat to the power of the 1% within Britain was EU regulation to force transparency and close tax havens, thus the 1% wanted to get Britain out of the EU so that their influence and power wouldn’t be challenged, that’s why they stumped up for the Brexit campaign using Boris and Farage as front people while exploiting Cambridge Analytica’s ability to target angry white working men who had been left behind by globalisation.

Manipulating working class resentment into making a decision like Brexit to ensure the power of the 1% is as Machiavellian as it gets.

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Brexit is a blindsiding of Westminster Democracy for a neoliberal plutocracy hell bent on taking power no matter what the price. Dark days are ahead for Britain under Boris.

God save the Queen, because he can’t save the UK.




  1. And I’m willing to bet that, in the midst of this chaos, he’s got a few financial deals all sewn up. He doesn’t have to give a stuff about deal or no deal.

  2. Proroguing parliament ; the action by which Boris has “blindsided Westminster Democracy” is something that normally happens annually in Britain but has been postponed this session for longer than in the last 400 years.
    And Why does anyone think Boris is suddenly twice as popular as Jeremy? And the Torys suddenly poling over 30% to labour’s 20%. It wasn’t just a handful of billionaire that voted for brexit in the referendum, and the people of Britain are not completely stupid to be persuaded to vote for their own poverty.
    The term used by Cameron when he first announced the referendum was ” a clean break” with the EU and that’s what Britain voted for and Johnson seems determined to give them . With the Backstop there is no Brexit at all. And everyone knows it; especially the EU negotiators.
    The problem is that almost no politicians wanted Brexit, but having almost unanimously agreed in parliament to enact it,and honour the referendum , under the oft stated position of May that “no deal was better than a bad deal”, they have worked ever since to prevent it.
    They have been arguing about it for three years solid. Now Boris’ action to prorogue parliament will reduce the time for more argument by from 3 to 8 days.
    The choice was always going to be between remaining in the EU and leaving without a deal because it was stated at the outset that the EU must not allow the UK to leave and be better off for having left. So they were never going to agree an acceptable deal.
    The only way to discover what the Brits really want now it has all been aired would be another referendum , clearly to choose between a no deal Brexit and remaining. Eliminating any argument that in the first one they voted for some half pie undefined partial Brexit that the remainers want to pretend was voted for.
    If the affronted politicians manage to prevent prorogation and halt Brexit they will go down in a scheming heap at the next election, and if Jeremy is mixed up in it it will be the end of the hope that he might change the face of Western democracies . That would be tragic.
    The EU has turned out to be a big part of globalisation. Democracy cannot work on a global scale, and globalisation of commerce is resulting in the disassociation of every nation’s natural wealth from the people .
    Brexit restores some sovereignty to Britain. How they use it will then depend on the government of the day.
    D J S

    • Excellent post David. You’ve said it all.
      For left of centre readers, I would like to add that Brexit is not a left/right issue. To support this I have included a link below which is a short comment by Tony Benn at the Oxford Union. It’s only 2 minutes long:

      Corbyn is on the wrong side of history, yet again.

  3. Johnson- an Etonian “educated” aristocratic imbecilic twit. To think that dumb Brits expected that man to respect any whiff of democracy. Let them stew in their own stupid culture of of their 1% born to rule class privileged society. And with the connivance of her majesty who is simply just another tragic example of of dictatorship under the guise of democracy.
    Off with all their heads I say!

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