Political Caption Competition


What’s the sign language for ‘Grumpy Minister of Social Development’


  1. Creating low wage jobs for migrants, sinking local wages and businesses while making our social welfare budget stretch thinner for all the growing needs, is as grimacing for me as it is for you, NZ…. but still we continue the Natz led economic strategy because our advisors tell us to do so and quite frankly we don’t have any other ideas of our own just what industry networkers tells us to do, but with a kinder face…

  2. God only knows who the hidden donors are. So if you ever do find out, I’ll consider not being agnostic…

  3. Jacinda: “……and for those reasons, we expect over 90% of the human race to be wiped out over the next few decades.”

    Signer: “Err……excuse me….can someone show me the exit please?!!”

  4. Lynch: “Jenna, Newshub. Will you be resigning your portfolio after the online privacy breach in your ministry?”
    PM [frown develops, and not the politics of kindness cute one]: “This is about the kids today Jenna. And I will come down there and punch you in the throat if you mention that again.”

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