Jacinda steals from Hone to pay Wiremu – shocking betrayal of Whanau Ora & Māoridom

I wear the culture Ma'am, I don't support it

No. Way.

After announcing $80million to Whanau Ora, the Government have astoundingly lied to Māoridom and in fact are giving that money to baby stealing Oranga Tamariki and the MSD who were just caught out lying over penalising drug tested beneficiaries!

Whānau Ora providers accuse Māori MPs of failing their people

 Chair of Te Pou Matakana, Merepeka Raukawa-Tait didn’t mince her words either, “We’ve got Māori members of parliament in there, and what the hell are they doing, where  is their voice raised? We expect Māori members of Parliament to be there to advocate for their people, and that’s not happening and so we’re over it.”

Tait says the Government mislead Whānau Ora providers, “We actually thought we were getting $80 million which was announced in the budget for Whānau Ora, it is not coming to the commissioning agencies, we have had funding slashed, where is it going? Its going into Ministry of Social Development and Oranga Tamariki? Why would they go there? Why would you put millions into Government organisations. They’re not the ones who support our people, when you say, we are form the Government we are here to help, our people just glaze over.”

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This Government are bewildering! Why tell Māoridom that they had $80million in whanau ora funding when they intended to sink that money into two agencies who have utterly failed Māori?

The naked contempt this Government have for Māori is astounding. Oh sure, they can pronounce the Te Reo perfectly, they can sound empathetic when it comes to the abuse Māori face and they can pay all the lip service to the politics of kindness but when it comes to actually funding Māori they deceive and hand the money over to agencies with a track record of abusing Māori.

Māori won the 2017 election for Labour, that this is their reward is jaw dropping.


  1. WTF????

    I’m no fan of Whanau Ora, but at least it allowed some money to go to Maori to solve issues for their own people.

    Personally I can’t see why they don’t use the money to trial abused kids being able to be placed at Maraes with specialist caregivers looking after them, aka retired nurses, teachers and psychologists who are Maori…

    Likewise for Maori homeless, why not house them in Marae’s in a traditional way???

    • Get real save nz we lived Marae style and we were forced to live pakeha style in a house and community and now you want us to go back to marae style well we can go back if we are given all our land back and we know that wont happen cause it is all sitting in private hands

      • Land has been given back, there are more Maori in parliament than ever, you have to work with what you have got already and go for more, not just throw out the toys and think that one day someone else is going to get back the land… even now water is being given away, most of NZ companies are not owned by NZ anymore, good luck trying to get anything back or get back control in the TPPA kangaroo courts such as power and water once it is gone.

        Simon Bridges, Paula Bennet etc are all identifying as Maori, so lets not think that Maori are this one dimensional poverty ridden people who all believe the same thing. Most Maori are now Maori /Paheka decedents so not sure why there is such hatred towards their own identity going forward. The Maori leaders are a mix of races, you can’t single one part of the racial identity as ‘good’ and one as ‘bad’.

        Maori need to have their own solutions about their abused and neglected kids other than leaving them with abusers or flawed Oranga Tamariki placements.

        The kids have a right to a safe and pleasant life, and not be victimised again and again. If abused kids have to wait for everyone to agree with treaty then we have yet another generation of kids who are dysfunctional and abused.

        • I see as soon as i challenge your idea about living Marae style save nz you get nasty and put on your typical pakeha hat and then precede to blame Maori for everything its all our fault to talk about hate towards pakeha my mother is a pakeha so what people don’t say oh your half pakeha they say shes a Maori AND they judge by what you look like us half caste have always been treated as a Maori not a pakeha but unless you are one of us you don’t know what it is like and you never will and for many pakeha its hard to understand

        • History seems to be a weak point for most Pakeha who become sudden experts when the cannibal meme becomes part of their historic account and only focusing on the lurid and exaggerating the extreme.

          While individual whites may be against racism, they still benefit from the distribution of resources controlled by their group.

          Yes, an individual person of colour can sit at the tables of power, but the overwhelming majority of decision-makers will be white.

          Yes, Pakeha people can have problems and face barriers, but systematic racism won’t be one of them. This distinction—between individual prejudice and a system of unequal institutionalized racial power—is fundamental. One cannot understand how racism functions in NZ today if one ignores group power relations.

          • Actually, stephen, as a pakeha, I did suffer from systemic racism growing up in my community. I was constantly and purposefully intimidated and bullied by non-whites and that continues 30 years later with gangs flouting their pathetic patches out in public. Racism goes both ways. I’m all for welfare and trying to lift up all sectors of society. Everyone is capable no matter what their race, but children need to be given chances and shown what they can become from young age. Not long ago I worked with a Maori fellow in my field who was vastly more qualified than me, I’d aspired to that same qualification 15 years ago but never made it. His son is a surgeon. So Maori are just as capable as anyone else but their collective social behaviour and cries of institutionalised racism leaves a lot to be desired. Sometimes you really have to despair at people throwing around terms like ‘baby stealing’ like above and then the following month another Maori child is killed in the care of a mother that had already had children taken off her before. They’re ignoring blatant child abuses in favour of racism fervour. There isn’t any institutionalised racism in CYFS or whatever it’s called now – No child should be brought up around drugs or gangs or violent crime-ridden hangers on. If any child is in that risky environment the parents should be offered help to leave that environment with their children and if they refuse then the sake of the children AND the rest of the country has to come first. Bringing children up in that environment only breeds more criminal benefit scroungers. More who think that’s all that’s on offer, all they’re destined for. It’s ridiculous to allow it. I have a family member whose children were removed from her and guess what, we’re white. So get over yourselves with your woe as me racism claims about government departments. Yes there is a mistrust of some sectors of society by landlords, employers and so on, but it’s not always about race or colour. Sometimes it’s just about how people act or how they present themselves or sadly, past experiences. It doesn’t help when young Maori girls brag in the news about targeting white girls ‘because they were white’. So again – it goes both ways, maybe Maori need to tell their own people not to be so bloody racist instead of actively encouraging it.

            • “Not long ago I worked with a Maori fellow in my field who was vastly more qualified than me, I’d aspired to that same qualification 15 years ago but never made it.” and I bet if you and he went for the same job 9 times out of 10 it would be yours!

    • Looks like nothing more than a dirty politics beatup. Why put so much credence on what Michele Borg’s new mate Tamihere says?

  2. Well we put them in and we can take them out the problem we are left with is who to vote for we don’t have much options now

  3. The topic is about Whanau Ora money which is not going to a Maori solution but to Oranga Tamariki.

    If Maori don’t want to provide a solution for abused kids then the funding will go to the Oranga Tamirik, which is filled with Maori social workers who are racist too????

    The woke can’t have it both ways. Take the money and responsibility to solve abuse of kids in another way, or the government will take CYFS issues into state control.

    The treaty and mixed race, are separate issues from abused kids here and now. Kids are abused from every race. It is not just a Maori issue.

    Part of Oranga Tamariki is that there is so many woke and ethnic issues given priority and lip service to everybody’s rights apart from keeping the child safe, that the well being of the kids and anything practical is non existent in policy which is why their system does not work and more kids are abused in state care than out of it!

    • I think some one from the government misspelled “Whanua Ora” and started calling it “Oranga Tamariki.”

      At one cent in the dollar as compensation for the crowns scorched earth policy against Māori, Māori have already received as much bullshit from non-Māori as it is possible to accept in a civilised way.

      What petence is left after Ngai Tahu and Tainui got the lions share of for twenty million hectares of thieft will be insignificant compensation for the other twenty million hecters.

      That you now claim this grievance train is unjustified because it falls short of your unique sense of wisdom is the tool of charlatans, con artists thieves and imbeciles.

      It’s as if to say that in the phenomenon of the cosmic dance my fist is moving and dancing around and my child’s body comes in contact with my fist and oops you lose 20 million hectares.

  4. Over the years National has done more for Maori than Labour but because it comes in the form of a hand up rather than a hand out the help,it is rejected. I believe the Maori Party lost their seats because new leaders indicated they were going to hook up with Labour instead of National at the last election so many would have thought what is the point in voting for the monkey instead of the organ grinder.

    • The Māori land reform Agenda of the Māori paati could not pull Hauraki-Waikato or Ikaroa-Rawhiti to its side some the rest of Māori gave it to the next best option, Labour. To claim that it was simply a matter of a cash payment is precisely why Māori reject the National Party.

  5. Dirty Politics. There’s nothing to back this up and relying on Nats new found best mate struggling mayoral candidate John Tamihere that is supported and guided by Michelle Boag of all people, is pathetic and desperate.

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