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  1. I am tired of political talk going on in the AM show. Putting down the government should not be talked about at all. It should be completely unbiased. Puts me and others off watching the morning show when this continually takes place.

  2. I am tired of politics being brought up all the time on the AM show and discrediting the government. This show should be completely unbiased. It puts myself and others off watching your show.

    • Yea, damn those pesky journalists asking questions! If I had my it’ll be off to the Gulag or re-education centre! How dare they try to keep our failings to account…

      Perhaps The Breakfast Show will be more your cup of tea, where the other love struck govt fan base hang out.

  3. Not a good sign at a nuclear power construction site

    “Revealed: mental health crisis at Hinkley Point C construction site
    Several workers on nuclear plant have killed themselves or attempted to, says union”

    You probably want anyone working there to have good mental health because like Chenobyl and Fukushima Daiichi , nuclear disasters can and do happen.

    You have to wonder why the UK are building this nuclear dinosaur from another era, and has unbelievably high electricity charges locked in before it is built (because nuclear power is so inefficient and expensive).

    It is better it does not open.

    Any one who still lives in the 1950’s boomer thrall with nuclear power, should watch the movie, Chenobyl. It is a great movie, especially if you can keep going after the difficult start, because it is compulsive watching after the first episode and really shows how lucky the world was, because it explores the little known 2nd part of Chernobyl that it nearly blew up and radiated as far as Germany and contaminated the entire water supply of Russia and was saved by human sacrifice.

  4. “The decisions made by previous chief executives are now shown to be financially disastrous yet these people have walked away with multi-million dollar salaries and bonuses. The financial mess they left behind risks the livelihood of both staff and farmer shareholders”.

    That did cross my mind when i learnt of Fonterra’s current mess and the money that Spierings is waiting too be paid out.

  5. Gutless coward sends drops a message in a bottle

    So let’s get this straight, NZ’s big tough celebrity prisoner and gutless wonder gun murderer is able to communicate with other potential terrorists as if he resides in the free world? The outbound communications of this big tough man are not being monitored? And the recipient of this he-man’s fantasy is the boogey man’s boogey man, a RUSSIAN? O-kay. Is Mr Magoo, Elmer Fudd or Leslie Nielsen the CEO of corrections?

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