Shane Jones champions Fishing Industry slave ships & environmental degradation to attack urban liberals


Shane Jones says that Shane Jones is one of the greatest NZers Shane Jones has ever known and Shane Jones says that Shane Jones is angry at dirty filthy urban liberals who attack his cherished Fishing Industry.

The same Fishing Industry who pay slave ship wages, who destroy the environment, who overfish and get away with it, who treat workers appallingly and who give corporate Iwi enormous power to abuse.

It’s not the Fishing Industry’s fault that they damage the environment and abuse workers, oh no, it’s urban elites who point it out that are the problem.

PS – the fishing industry donate large amounts to Shane Jones.

If Shane Jones is the future of NZ First, the sooner NZ First are removed from the NZ Political spectrum by falling under 5%, the better.

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  1. Nah. Let it play out. I like this movie …. Who else will team up with Labour in 2020? The Gweens are gone!

  2. I don’t always agree with you Martin, but I’m glad to see you calling out the Peters/Jones/NZF mob who are intent on preventing this coalition doing anything truly progressive.

  3. Once again the Greens should have taken a principled public stand here.
    NZF has too much power and say in this government.
    It really is no different too the last corrupt administration that governed the country at the whim of vested interests.
    The longer this coalition goes on the more appointment and disgust they will generate.
    As it stands right now i will not be voting too support this government because it cannot make the necessary changes we need and the approach too fishing is one of them.
    National- ACT- Maori is interchangeable with Labour- GRN-Winston Jones First.

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