TWITTER WATCH: Can someone check in and make sure Matthew Hooton is ok?


Ummmmm. It seems the stress of trying to claim Juli-Anne Genter is part of a conspiracy to shock-horror get more public transport has taken its toll on RNZs favourite right wing corporate panelist…

…Are you back on the booze Hoots?

Do we need an intervention here?

Where are you on the following hot button alt-right conspiracies Hoots?

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Obama’s real brith certificate?


Christopher Bishop being politically relevant?

Can someone check in and make sure Matthew Hooton is ok? Shouldn’t Ben Thomas vet these tweets before Hoots sends them out?


  1. No one is suggesting Trump is involved, why not? Trump was the first person to espouse such a scenario of a hit job. Was he offering a defence for himself by throwing the Clintons to the wolves?

  2. If any one had said there was this international child sex slavery ring involving the rich, the famous, congressmen, senators, presidents, academics, intelligence services…say a year ago, that person would have been accused of being an unhinged conspiracy theorist.
    Now we know this was all true and all of the perpetrators in high places got away with these crimes for years, and yet there’s still disbelief that some of these actors would be capable of pulling strings and getting Epstein offed, one way or other
    Lets face it, he’s not of any use to them now

  3. On the plus side, on the RNZ Monday morning politics segment, with 2 right-wingers discussing politics overseen by another right-winger, he referred to climate change deniers as so it no longer included himself. Wasn’t sure.

    The guy who gave out Nicky Hager’s address to media friends suggesting assassination.

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