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  1. We all hear about how the China trade deal was so good for NZ, but the reality is that it has been good for China and Chinese businesses and practically all partnerships with China have ended badly with NZ business losing a lot of money on bad deals, poor counterfeit food practices in China that affects their partners, constant biosecurity issues and farmers losing money.

    Fonterra predicts loss of $590-675m for year

    Likewise the rise of the overseas CEO on massive salary like Theo Spieling who destroys NZ business, because ultimately they don’t care about long term stability (aka 20+ years not 3 years) when their bonus on short term gains is what matters!

    Fonterra CEO Theo Spierings paid $8.32m this year

    Also calls into question the apparent value of the migrant labour force where ‘farm hand’ is apparently on of the biggest visa criteria. Since the dependance of migrant labour, Chinese exports, an overseas national leading our biggest company, reduced biosecurity measures and overseas partnerships with China, NZ’s biggest company now faces massive losses, the farmers are going bankrupt and so forth!

    Are we still think the emperor has clothes after 11 years of the China NZ trade deal where our biggest company faces massive loses, most of our agri companies are now overseas owned and run, massive homelessness and poverty increasing, huge increase in drug addiction and so forth?

    Now the right wingers have what they wanted all along another NZ company losing money they can remove the co operative element and have a fire sale for overseas private equity or global agribusiness to acquire.

    • Are you a shareholder in Fonterra? If not, why are you interested in what decisions they make? This is an organisation controlled by the producers. If they choose to pay their CEO top dollar or invest heavily in China that is their decision not yours.

      • As NZ’s biggest company once controlling 30% of the world’s milk supply what Fonterra do is important – especially as their previous overpriced CEO from The Netherlands (hardly the place to pick up a dairy CEO) running the business into the ground while making employees redundant were so busy making stupid overseas investments they failed to make environmental adjustments and innovations in NZ that they should of years ago, to combat climate change and water quality.

        During Theo’s 8 million salary days they made workers redundant.

        So if they had had a clue and run the company properly in the previous 8 years, they most likely would not be losing money and having to sell off businesses like Tip Top to repay their debt, and could have instead been using the money to expand value added services in NZ and create well paid jobs and increase R&D to further market share gains, and be a world leader in reducing farm emissions.

        Fonterra are the poster child for what happens with neoliberal business practices aka running great businesses into the ground, losing market share and wasting money on crappy risk filled overseas businesses , and now have hundreds of millions of dollars in losses mostly due to pathetic, risky overseas investments turned bad, (that benefited their overseas partners more often than not) surprise, surprise, during a period of extreme prosperity for the milk industry!

  2. When Phil Goff can redact the famous circa 1 million public money report on his Auckland underwater stadium, from both the public who paid for it and his own elected councillors and staff, there is clearly something wrong with how this act and transparently in general is operating in NZ. And that is why NZ is going down the toilet, nobody knows what is going on and those who do know hide the information and presumably can take bribes, overpay, push through poor projects and practices or what have you, with zero accountability which is at odds with how NZ used to and is supposed to operate. Pity the next generation growing up with our growing totalitarian style of governance.

    Official information denied as government agencies illegally refuse OIA request transfers, document shows

    • Sadly there is plenty of interest in spying on ordinary people (using ratepayer and tax payer money of course!) but as shown by OIA less and less transparently on officials actions, with the most mundane reports now being redacted so officials can hide and protect themselves and their their advisors from transparency!

      Auckland Transport’s $4.5m project could mean 8000 cameras watching the city

      Under Goff we got our petrol taxes directed to his holiday highway to the airport in time for to be open before the APEC leaders meeting in 2021.

      Meanwhile the existing train station will be temporarily closed to enable construction to be completed as fast as possible and to ensure public safety.

      Ok sounds like they are really thinking about the public, NOT while spending our money and apparently not much happening for rail transport outside of the holiday highway to airport and city rail link, both of which seems to serve the rich and overseas interests and pollution (aka air travel) a lot more than the average commuter paying petrol taxes and increasingly not being able to afford to live or rent in the areas they are concentrating on that in 2 years of petrol taxes will still have no trains running in all the dead spots of Auckland that the poorer folks (you know the teachers, nurses, police, fire fighters, middle class falling towards working class etc) live in!

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