GUEST BLOG: John Tamihere – 0800 Jacinda


Ask yourself what’s not to like about a policy that genuinely addresses homelessness and begging in a compassionate and humane way?

While squarely holding Central Government to account for doing the job they’re supposed to do? Homelessness is not a local government or police issue. It is a Central Government Health, Welfare, and Education responsibility that can and should be solved with compassion.

That’s how I intend to address it. Not by continuing to wasteyour hard earned ratepayer money counting the homeless like Budget Blowout Goff (Bbog) did.

John Tamihere is a candidate for the Auckland Mayoralty 


  1. John Tamihere should have had a great chance of toppling Goff, but sadly chose Boag as an advisor, somehow managed to put forward the privatisation of metro water as an option that now Uber privisitisation neoliberal guru, Goff can piously and hypocritically be against in his big billboards around Auckland, promising not to privatise our water!

    Seriously would have like to have voted for Tamihere and think Goff is worse than hopeless but the statistics show, Auckland wants a LEFT leaning mayor to run the city.

    Why oh why would you go with yet another right wing approach – maybe the Boag influence????

    Goff is already right of centre, we need a centre or left of centre mayor who is going to open he books and get rid of all the routs under Goff and previous Mayors!

    Missed opportunity to be Mayor, because it would have been good to have a change of Mayor but not with Boag types getting into the action!

    I just hope some centre left policy person comes along who wants to end corruption and poor spending in Auckland without a right wing agenda to privatise assets!

    The amount the officials of Auckland are wasting is colossal – every ratepayer knows it and most citizens think the council could be a LOT better run without part privatising assets!

    • Totally agree with that saveNZ. Just because Goff is bad doesnt mean we should use the shock doctrine to sell off assets.

  2. The only way to save the bid for Mayor is to completely denounce ever allowing privatisation of Auckland assets while they are Mayor and offering something that people want aka Phil understands that people would like free transport for kids but maybe not just weekends but free for all kids under 16, could be a counter move!

  3. If John is serious about dealing with homelessness
    0800 Tamihere should be the phone number
    and why should central government only , provide housing for homeless ?

  4. Who else is standing for Mayor for Auckland? I will NOT vote for Tamihere and NOT for Goff either. I will look at others running, even if that may mean my vote is ‘wasted’, in some form.

    When offered no real alternatives to a hopeless state of affairs, there is not much else one can do, but to at least send a signal, I had the guts full of all this BS.

  5. Well if the centre-right is split between Goof and Tamihere then how about Matt McCarten. I recall he did quite well in a previous mayoral race.

  6. It might just come down to, who has the best machine to turnout the vote, because, thats all that matters.

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