China continues to threaten NZ


Following pro-Chinese students attacking Hong Kong pro-democracy students on Auckland University and the Chinese Consulate supporting that violence comes ANOTHER threat from China…

Chinese Consulate warning against turning Hong Kong into ‘pawn to curb China’

The Auckland office of China’s Consulate General has lodged a stern warning to New Zealand and other foreign nations against turning Hong Kong into a pawn to curb China.

…Our Chinese Economic Overlords are unhappy and starting to interfere in NZ domestic politics by fermenting trouble using their nationals in the country.

The NZ Government is starting to push back…

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NZ government caution to China over Hong Kong signals relationship ‘adjustment’ – Anne Marie Brady

Government officials have raised concerns about freedom of expression with the Chinese embassy, after supporters of the Hong Kong protests in Auckland faced silencing tactics.

…this phenomenal ricocheting up of tensions is being ignored by the mainstream media who are more focused on a storm and Julie-Anne Genter’s ‘secret letter’.

If there is no political solution to Hong Kong, China will use their diaspora throughout the South Pacific to shut down criticism. The true cost of China being our largest trading partner is now being felt.


  1. Agreed Martyn,
    Best we get behind the UK on this again as they were the ones that anded Hong Kong back to China when they were asleep. Now they have ‘woken the tiger’.
    Australia needs our ‘allied’ support also here as they are restling with this beast.

    Is China buying us all; – as a pretext to a takeover?

    • Cleangreen: “Best we get behind the UK on this again as they were the ones that anded Hong Kong back to China when they were asleep.”

      Have you got the least idea of the history of the Brits and Hong Kong? Answers self: clearly not.

      I suggest that you go study a bit of history: it’s definitely not as one-dimensional a situation as you evidently believe.

      “Is China buying us all; – as a pretext to a takeover?”

      Hahahaha… Oh dearie me: the yellow peril!

      Christ…. I’m old. I feel as if I’ve heard all of this over and over in my longish life. And if old age has taught me one thing, it’s the value of scepticism.

      However. In the age of the internet, no excuse for blind ignorance. Both the current events in HK – and Tiananmen Square all those years ago – have all the hallmarks of the notorious “colour” revolutions of Eastern Europe, the Ukraine being the most recent. And: we all know who was behind those events, don’t we?

      I’m puzzled that, given all the geopolitical manoeuvrings in that part of the world over recent years, you’d look at what’s happening in HK and believe that what you see is what you get. Astonishing…

      • Not sure which part of No Zealand you’re in, but the Han Chinese are actively carrying out their boots–on-the-ground, lebensraum-seeking neo-colonial policy here, and do have (at least) one spy in our bloody parliament (ours?)

        I suggest you dust off your old history books and have a look at the Uighur in the concentration camps and the hallmarks and echoes of a certain Nazi regime.. or you think the Uighur are in Disneyland?

        History never repeats… but it rhymes.

        • The Uighurs are definitely not in Disneyland
          A fair swag are in Syria and hve fearsome reputations
          Are you trying to suggest that the Chinese are islamophobes and thats why they see the Uighurs as a problem
          If so you’re mistaken, there are larger groups of Muslims in China, the Hui for example who have been attacked by the Uighurs.
          Uighurs have a far greater rate of radicalisation and join Jihad groups in the ME, eastern Europe and SE Asia
          The Hui on the other hand live peaceably in China
          Pretty sick of the same old same old blinkers when it comes to “adversaries ” of the status quo order
          Like D’Esterre I’ve seen this tired old crap played out all my life

      • Yes the USA is in there creating propaganda / news for Kiwis to digest.

        There are no substantial grounds for protest as the deal under reunification is far better than the deal under Britain.

        The protest is another manufactured fiasco with “Made in USA” written all over it.

  2. Where is the threat Martyn? Its a generic statement to all countries that any interference in Hong Kong from foreign countries will not be brooked.

    This is what true interference in the affairs of another country looks like:
    * New Zealand signing up to condemn China for its purported ‘human rights’ abuses in Xinjiang (only 22 countries signed up, another 37 signed a separate letter praising China)
    * Anne Marie Brady is a joke —she is a CIA asset who works for the Wilson centre, rails against supposed Chinese ‘interference’, yet urges countries to interfere in China’s affairs using the pretext of ‘human rights’

    The Hong Kong riots are simply a Western fomented attempt at colour revolution. China has every right to voice its concerns. And if you think they are being paranoid, just the other day the main instigator, a hateful little fuck called Joshua Wong is caught on camera in a surreptitious meeting with this woman from the US consulate in Hong Kong

    • If you’re going to attack Anne Marie Brady at least try not sound like a conspiracy theorist.

      Also, I should not have to be the one to tell you this, but hijacking a completely unrelated thread to denounce the CIA only serves to undermine whatever legitimate criticisms you might have. I, for one, am more likely to believe them now, thanks to you.

      • So, Mike Smith, former labour party president is a ‘conspiracy’ theorist?

        Mike writes in an article over at The Standard:

        “The Magic Weapons paper attacking China was delivered in Washington DC at a conference sponsored by the Taiwanese Institute for Democracy……Her other paper was sponsored by and presumably received some funding from NATO……The sponsoring NATO website says that this group funds material that supports its strategic objectives, in this case fighting their declared adversaries Russia and China. ……So Brady is not just an academic. She is also one of many academics and journalists that the CIA would call an “asset.””

        • Activist Mike Smith who blogs at the standard is maori. Former Labour President Mike Williams is not maori.

          Mike questions the evidence Anne Marie Brady presented to select committee as lacking in credibility and academic precision. The crazy thing is this is going on everywhere most notable in the media.

          These destructive impulses of attack prices that serve to undermine our own democratic practices with a strange form of solidarity is going on in a more and more wild form than ever.

          These are some of the problems that the usual debate and normal commentators can not deal with. The usual reaction as you saw in Mike Smiths blog is to return to old values. So we say normal international relations is much to destructive and we need traditional conservative values to control the whole game. Unfortunately China and America are much to destructive to manage their own relationship.

          The hope of most of us is that things continue on the way it is now between America and China so things do not get out of hand. Some say if immigration was a little different and climate change was a little more well funded and so on we will survive, and NO those things will not help us survive. There will be big trouble if we do not act collectively, all of us working together to manage the Chinese America relationship.

          • “Activist Mike Smith who blogs at the standard is maori. Former Labour President Mike Williams is not maori.”
            Mike Smith of One Tree Hill fame works for Greenpeace
            Mike Smith who is an ex general secretary of the Labour Party, blogs for and is a trustee of the Standard

          • Mike Smith is an ex general secretary of the Labour Party actually
            And Mike Smith the activist(of One Tree Hill fame) works for Green peace

            • Well there you go. I’m happy to go with that. Mike is a former General secretary of Labour. So now I believe there is a real push from the left for even more conservative values.

    • Anne-Marie Brady is a CIA asset? Heh. Okay. In other news, Simon Bridges has a clue and Judith Collins exudes warmth and genuine human feeling. If anyone’s paying you for this, Mark, they should probably request a refund ASAP.

  3. Who the hell is Mark anyway?

    Is he emailing directly from the Chinese Consulate?

    Have no problem with ‘NZ Chinese’ (you know the ones – the ones you went to school with and are as Kiwi as anyone) but we should look at expelling the ones who have no respect or loyalty for any country other than the PRC.

    Who knew – looks like Winston was right back in the day after all.

    • hahahahaha, then you have no problem with me then, a NZBC, grandfather experienced the Napier earthquake.

      Not sure about not having respect or loyalty? How does anything I’ve said above go against NZ’s interests.

      Indeed it is in NZs interests to shut the fuck up about the internal affairs of China. That letter they signed condemning China regarding Xinjiang was gross interference – a needless provocation over an issue that has absolutely nothing to do with New Zealand and nothing at all to do with NZ’s interests. How would you like it if China saw fit to make demands of the NZ govt over seabed and foreshore say, or the Urewera raids a decade ago?

      • Indeed it is in NZs interests to shut the fuck up about the internal affairs of China. That letter they signed condemning China regarding Xinjiang was gross interference – a needless provocation over an issue that has absolutely nothing to do with New Zealand and nothing at all to do with NZ’s interests.

        Really, Mark?

        Do you think we should also not comment on other human rights violations around the world? The treatment of women in Saudi Arabia? The abuse of Rohingya in Myanmar? The use of waterboarding torture in Guantanamo Bay by the Americans?

        What are your views on international standards of human rights?

        • View of human rights? Well the number 1 concern when it comes to human rights is infrastructure and development and poverty elimination.

          By building modern infrastructure and developing a country technologically, the lives of people are immeasurably improved. There is no doubt that China has lifted a very large part of its population out of poverty. In terms of real spending power, the average Chinese has enjoyed a four fold increase in the past 25 years.

          That is real, tangible human rights.

          In terms of Xinjiang, you would do well to be reminded that only Western countries that have slaughtered hundreds of thousands of muslims in recent decades cried crocodile tears. Not one Muslim country condemned China. Many supported China. 37 countries truly representative of the global community supported China, and praised China’s contribution to the human rights of the Uighurs

          The OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) praised China for promoting religious freedom.

          So yeah, if you do insist on talking about Xinjiang, then New Zealand should have signed with those 37 countries who backed China, if New Zealand was truly concerned about real human rights.

          • So you’re OK with destruction of human rights in HK then.

            That is the main issue that you can’t bear to admit.

            China’s achievements in other areas is great. But this denial of reality makes you a propaganda mouthpiece.

            This reality-denial isn’t a problem unique to China, but what i find scary is its heavy handed attempt to bully our democratic institutions. South East Asian nations have been facing this kind of behaviour from their rapacious neighbour for centuries, this is new for NZ

  4. I had thought NZ was firmly in the US’s grip and had been for a long long time? That said I doubt China really gives two hoots what this fleabite of a country thinks one way or the other.

    • “Maybe mainland China should back down on the extradition treaty from Hong Kong”

      I hardly think mainland China had anything to do with it. It was a HK govt decision. And they did back down declaring the bill to be ‘dead’

  5. With this East vs West mindset,it is important to keep in mind that neither America or China has the best interests of Ao/Nz in mind.

  6. Is anyone studying, and reporting on, the Chinese media in NZ and what they are telling their nationals in this country?

  7. Good question Rosie Lee,

    Ms Brady is the only ray of truth as to what is really going on over there.

    Mark sends has Chinese propoaganda as usual and we are meant to be kept asleep while china uses its massive meney printing macherery to buy us all out in a tackover while we dont see it comming until the ‘ink is dry’ on documents signed in private without us knowing.

    Yes NZ should not heed Marks call; quote – “Indeed it is in NZs interests to shut the fuck up about the internal affairs of China.”

    Not in your Nellie Mark, – remember it was the US that stood by ‘in fear’ of what you say to ‘keep the hell out of their bussiness’ right?

    Then we in the allies had to finallly fight against the japanese to restore the global peace then.

    So eventually it was the US and and all her allies that was forced to loose so many solders then to stop the Japanese exterminating all chinese people during the second wordld war remember Mark?

    So now telling us not to ‘question China’ is a bit rich now dont you think?

    Between 1937 and 1941, escalating conflict between China and Japan influenced U.S. relations with both nations, and ultimately contributed to pushing the United States toward full-scale war with Japan and Germany.

    At the outset, U.S. officials viewed developments in China with ambivalence. On the one hand, they opposed Japanese incursions into northeast China and the rise of Japanese militarism in the area, in part because of their sense of a longstanding friendship with China. On the other hand, most U.S. officials believed that it had no vital interests in China worth going to war over with Japan. Moreover, the domestic conflict between Chinese Nationalists and Communists left U.S. policymakers uncertain of success in aiding such an internally divided nation. As a result, few U.S. officials recommended taking a strong stance prior to 1937, and so the United States did little to help China for fear of provoking Japan

    • The USA attempted to ensconce themselves in China and got kicked out so then had a go at Korea wrecking havoc on the people.

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