On The Recent Death Of Jeffrey Epstein



On the one hand, attempting to blame every little thing on “The Clintons” and/or some other, further elite conspiracy efforts … as hilarious as it can be, is often overtly ridiculous.

On the *other* hand … Jeffrey Epstein somehow managing to kill himself *while on suicide watch* following his previous attempt, allegedly via hanging, suggests that *at minimum* there’s been some almost unbelievable incompetence by his jailers.

I’m not saying that he was, necessarily, murdered. Although there is little doubt that a not-insignificant quotient of people out there, whether rich and powerful or victimized and powerless, will be quietly or overtly jubilant at what has occurred.

But it is difficult to avoid the temptation to speculate that oversight on Epstein may have been *deliberately* lax, so as to actively ‘facilitate’ an outcome just such as this.

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That is to say – why have a man murdered, with all the subterfuge and potential discovery that this may very well entail, when you can just prod him into making an attempt on his own life, and then not stand in his way when he eventually gets close enough to the precipice .. all of his own accord.

And, once again, it may not even have been a ‘conspiratorial’ effort to facilitate nor ensure that this’d happen. It could have been prison staff with a lackadasical attitude towards the prisoner or the whole situation, for a start.

The only thing that *can* be said at this stage, I suspect, is that in some important ways, justice has been denied. For while we can debate and defer as to whether a self-imposed death sentence is a more or less “just” ultimate outcome, than his spending potentially up to the rest of his natural life in prison …

i) the actual *processes* and *performative* parts of the judicial process *do* matter. The right, not simply of an accused to have their day in court, but of the accusers, the victims, and society at large to definitively establish guilt and have a perpetrator actually *stand trial* as part of that process – this has now been, in some ways, forever abrogated.

ii) any potential value which Epstein may have had for further ongoing investigations into those other wealthy and powerful figures he may or may not have consorted with … will now *also* be severely abrogated. Not entirely disintegrated, as Epstein’s notebooks and other subsidiary evidence are now coming to judicial light. But still.

It’s hard to view what has transpired here – allegedly or otherwise – as being any real kind of “win”.


  1. The many skeletons in the closet have been rattling loudly with their bones, so certain high level personalities, on both sides of the Atlantic, may have sent discrete messages, that by all means, a ‘suicide watch’ may need to be handled in a ‘liberal manner’?

    What a strange ‘co-incidence’ indeed, just before further charges were to be laid, as I heard, and just before a hearing was to take place.

    Bizarre, bizarre, bizarre, indeed.

    Some high level persons have much to hide, it seems.

  2. Hopefully the case against the abuse network continues full steam ahead, stopping at various stations to pick up the rag tag bunch of presidents, royals, billionaires, elite, politicians, celebrities, academics or any other degenerate.

  3. I forgot any royalty who may have been involved. They may be walking to the train station at this very moment, in torrential rain, broke and alone, head down and collar up. A far cry from the days of absolute public adoration, performing like clapping seals to the crowd’s delight.

  4. Anyone who doesn’t at least entertain the notion this was a hit to avoid Epstein going to trial and fingering (a terrible pun [ducks]) some very rich and powerful people who were frequent flyers on “The Lolita Express” (Google it) is naive in the extreme. The MSM (so far) seems to be in on the cover-up too – not one single journalist/anchor is questioning that this was anything other than a suicide. Further, I notice most comment sections on YouTube for MSM videos covering this are inexplicably disabled for this one story…

  5. The fact that Netanyahu is using Ehud Barak’s connections to Epstein in his election campaign https://www.timesofisrael.com/jeffrey-epstein-was-ehud-baraks-business-partner-as-late-as-2015-report/ together with the Trump/Clinton/British Royal Family and Robert Maxwell/Mossad connections https://www.mintpressnews.com/mega-group-maxwells-mossad-spy-story-jeffrey-epstein-scandal/261172/ mean that Agatha Christie may need to be raised from the dead to sort this one out.

  6. Dead or just hiding somewhere a little more pleasant, new name new face away you go boyo,,,,,,At some point it will become tooo darn obvious for the masses to ignore the level of bullshit that surrounds us, or maybe not. Loook a distraction!!!!!!

  7. Could somebody tell me, are comments being censored now? originally posted a reply to this blog at 11.45 am and has disappeared into the ether

  8. What kind of a hue and cry would this have raised if it had happened in Russia?
    Magnitsky type sanctions would have immediately been activated
    Of course there is something deeply suspicious about this suicide. The suicide watch was lifted 6 days after the original attempt, when Epstein was sharing a cell with an ex cop accused of murder
    He was then put in a Special Housing unit, on his own .The importance of the trial, involving leading establishment members should have meant a doubling, a tripling of monitoring .
    This is how ugly, criminal and dark things have become

    • Francesca: “What kind of a hue and cry would this have raised if it had happened in Russia?”

      Heh! Indeed…. A good deal of holier-than-thou leaping up and down, had Moscow been the site of such an event.

      It’s all extremely fishy; given all the givens, I’m inclined to extreme scepticism over this narrative.

  9. Results of survey after epsteins arrest.

    How is Jeffery Epstein going to commit “suicide”?
    32%Shot in back
    51%Accidentally strangled self
    6%Slipped off building
    11%Weights fell on him

  10. And: it seems that extreme scepticism about Epstein’s death is well-advised. See this:


    So: it’s not really much of mystery any more, is it? If it were a witness against the head of the Gambino family who turned up dead in prison, nobody would even suggest an innocent explanation.

    Broken bones: it’s the broken hyoid bone, I think, which is the giveaway in strangulation. Only question really is who dunnit if it wasn’t a prison guard?

    A relative commented: “The joke about a traffic jam of assassins outside his cell comes to mind. Prince Andrew may rest a little easier.” Heh!

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