Winston blows the only dog whistle he has left, “Blame Da Maaaaaaaris”


Poor old Winston, after the Christchurch white supremacy terror attack, he can’t really blow the anti-Muslim dog whistle or immigration dog whistle any longer, so as he panics with NZ First slumping to 3.5% he and Shane Jones blow the only dog whistle they can both get away with, ‘blame da Maaaaaaris’.

The new zeitgeist amongst a far more critical thinking youth who view the pittance handed to their elders as reparation for land confiscation clashes with older volk and it is these older volk that NZ First are desperately attempting to rekindle a romance with.

That’s why NZ First blindsided Labour and kneecapped their own MP over an abortion referendum (which is NOT philosophically warranted) and it’s why Shane Jones was mocking Ihumātao protestors on the same night Police attempted to drag them off the grounds. 

It’s why Winston is bewilderingly standing up for Oranga Tamariki…

Winston Peters calls for Māoridom to change to end Oranga Tamariki uplifts

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New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says Māoridom must address issues of abuse towards children and women instead of accusing Oranga Tamariki of institutional racism.

Speaking at a New Zealand First public meeting in Tauranga on Thursday evening, Peters addressed calls for an end to the uplift of Māori children from their families by Oranga Tamariki.

“Oranga Tamariki is being accused of institutional racism for uplifting Māori children from their parents. Social workers are being harassed and threatened,” he said.

“The children uplifted from these circumstances are being called ‘New Zealand’s own stolen generation’. That is an insult to the Aboriginal Australian experience. An utter and total insult.”

…let’s just cut through this twaddle right here and now shall we?

This current flawed social policy was cooked up under National as a cost cutting measure using big data to justify intervention now rather than costing the state a fortune down the road. It manipulates the redefinition of who should get help rather than costly universal provision of services.

It’s a neoliberal response to child abuse by simplifying the damage poverty causes to a box ticking exercise by bureaucrats.

The 2016 changes from CYFS to the Ministry of Vulnerable children (later brown washed to ‘Oranga Tamariki’) weaponised CYFs uplifts to being the entire purpose of the Ministry. Parents aren’t eligible for legal aid to challenge decisions, there is no independent oversight to these powers and the rights of the parent were actually watered down to allow this level of coercion to be legal.

Winston is defending a system that beats the vulnerable and abuses them under the guise of intervening and ‘rescuing’ babies because he hates the talk of colonisation.

Hating on the philosophical perspective of critics is fine, but to support a flawed system that is counter productive just so that you can make that point is petty.

Rumours are swirling the Dirty Politics aficionado, Simon Lusk, has been advising NZ First. That would explain why Winston is so hell bent on finding an issue to suddenly get sensitive over and go kamikaze for.



  1. Yes Martyn you are right winstone and shameless jones are out to get votes and based on the shit coming out of their mouths we know who they are appealing to. The problem is they seem to think this will save them but somehow i think they might not get back in at the next election which wont be so bad as hopefully then we can truly see a transformation change under the Greens and Labour and possibly another party who might get a seat or two (not act) how Labour deals with Ihumatao and CYFS/OT will depend on how many Maori seats they get. If they don’t deal with it properly they will be lucky to get one seat and I am betting it will be Nanaias seat they will win and that will be it.

  2. NZ First has failed to live up to its name.
    In Tauranga,Winston Peters is surrounded by a Kiwifruit Industry that cannot operate without large scale immigration fraud and Employment rights breaches.
    He has never attempted to fix this.
    He hasn’t supported the Protectors at Ihumatao.

    Winston Peters is playing on the vote of the dementia ridden fools who have so willingly served the British Crown in years gone by.

    He is representing the outdated views of dying fossils.

    Since i saw the Green Party Girls turn up at Ihumatao recently,and heard Marama Davidson denouncing the Crown for the seriousness of its historical land theft and genocide,i realised that the Greens can build their support base significantly,and a new political party will be formed as a result of the SOUL Occupy movement,probably with Green support and/or Green defectors if Shaw continues to represent the international banking community.

    It is important that the new political party campaigns on a core policy of no recognition of Crown Authority.

    There is no partnership between the Crown and the First Nations,the Treaty is not a partnership,it is a fraud.

    There is no place for NZ First and Winston Peters in our future because they are representing a generation who has had its day and ruined many of ours in the process…

    That group of withering geriatrics who expect safety and security in their own homes need to be reminded that they are just weak old dogs now,toy soldiers who just happen to be out of ammunition,miles behind enemy lines in a country who’s first Nations are now on the offensive..

    Those who condoned the invasion of the First Nation territories must now face the horror of mass home invasion themselves.

    With all this talk of housing shortages,i would like people to consider that if the Crowns supporters were simply hunted down and offered deportation or a bullet,we would then have prebuilt housing and an economic base waiting for us.

    For me,Freedom comes first,not respect for racist family members or Crown law.

    There is a desire among those who have suffered the most to take revenge on the people who have supported our Oppressor for so long.

    We cannot have closure without Utu,and this is why our country will run red rivers before we see true peace..

    The Crown knows it must exterminate the First Nations or face extermination itself.

    And so it has elected to attempt our extermination.

    It has been training with foreign militaries inside this country,conducting war game scenarios that involve the suppression of large amounts of heavily armed “anti government protestors.”

    So we are all a target for the NZ Defence Force for protecting Ihumatao and any other area claimed by the Crown.

    The Crown was not at Ruatoria preventing Terrorism in 2007,it was there conducting a followup attack against its historical enemy,the Tuhoi Nation.

    Surely you don’t actually believe that you have been stripped of your right to bear semi automatic weapons for your own good?

    Police prefer their victims to be unarmed,this saves Police some anxiety,but it comes at the expense of the Protectors.

    We are at War…

  3. I detest Winston more than most, but he is dead right.
    If you don’t want your kids taken off you – take care of them regardless of whether you are Maori or not.
    This racism call against Oranga is the real dog whistle.

  4. While I don’t think Oranga Tamariki is a particularly well run or trustworthy government department, it has been set up to fail by a lack of interest in getting the best of the best in terms of social workers, and actually investing in getting social services for children right and putting the money into people not construction profits.

    Sadly when you see headlines of mother who kills her premature twin baby by breastfeeding after consuming 18 rum and cokes the night before and is homeless with her family and 7 kids while waiting for the state house (but still finds the cash for the 18 rum and cokes) it is hard to be sympathetic and you wonder what sort of life the surviving kids are going to have and the existing cognitive damage they have from having what appears to be binge or alcoholic parents.

    Also you would think that whanau ora could be utilised to stop that type of situation happening?

    It is a testament to how poor our social services are by design that the kids are probably statistically worse off in state care because the system of foster parents is so dysfunctional they can’t get quality people not abusers to look after any kids seized.

    Also how our alcohol/liquor industry and gambling and drugs seem to be more important to the government than actually stopping addiction and dysfunction in NZ families.

    It is only getting worse as Oranga Tamariki get more complicated and resource heavy cases that they are embroiled in such as sending two staff to Thailand for 11 days to check a state care baby when the drug trafficker overseas parents were put in prison. environment.

  5. Winston is the only straight talking politician amonst the Cabinet today, he doesnt follow blindly behind the right wing pundits inside the Labour caucus, as everything labour have dne so far is to suck up to big corporations and forget all those promises made by Labour before the election.

    Jacinda hhas a problem of renigade MP’s inside Labour’s caucus that will sink her chances if she fails to rein in those wold cards she has inside her Labour front bench.

    Winston is valuable as he has seen mnany changes and dirty deals in his time so dont be fooled by his being a valuable asset to jacinda because the election time is ticking now as this year draws to a close, and many will come out to support NZ First as the only Party with “common sense policies”.
    National would love to see NZ First gone and you should remember what national did in their nine years of slash and burn remember that time will you as you ponder your futures.

    • Well said Cleangreen, Winston and Jonesie are straight shooters, I like that and they will probably get my vote.

  6. “after the Christchurch white supremacy terror attack, he can’t really blow the anti-Muslim dog whistle or immigration anymore”… ahh but wasn’t the white supremacy terror attack done by an OZ immigrant????

    And still NZ is not interested in tightening up the OZ visas and happy to give Australians free NZ services as though they were Kiwis born here and contributed in some way to the country while telling the Kiwis to tighten their belts and wait for that operation, house, or what have you…

  7. Yes labournneed to begin their “House cleaning now” as more evidence of National’s dirty politics part two is now fronting on main stream media RNZ and others.

    Chris Bishop is questioning Julie Anne Genter over a letter sent from her as deputy Minister of Transport to Minister of transport Phil Twyford?????
    The letter apparently contains Green Party opinions expressed by Genter to Twyford on a Wellington City transport plan; opinions which may have influenced the shape of the plan that was agreed to.

    But the details of the letter are unknown and have not been the main fight so far. The fight has been over whether the letter should be public.

    Was that the best “dirt” the National Party strategists coucld find on these associated Ministers of Transport?

    So how did he get the letter which was suppoosed to be an ‘internal ‘confidential’ document as we saw when Natioinal was last in Government?

    Was it an internional leaked document sent from a ‘National Party mole’ opeerating inside these two Ministers offices?

    There is something very odd about the Minister oif Transport Phil Twyford’s office because for two years we have as a NGO in Napier been refused our letters requesting to meet with Minister Phil Twyford and on several occassions our NGO has called Phil Twyford’s office and been ‘rebuttled’ with a sharp refussal to discuss the issue of why we are not recieving an apointment time to meet with Phil twyford in Wellington.

    We are not impressed at all with the office staff at Phil Twyfords office and perhsaps they need to investigate the beackground of all Government ministers as some may be opposition policitical operatives trying to sabotage the govenement?

    I recall that during the Last ‘toxic’ National Government it was Steven Joyce who sent a memo around the office staffers warning them that they would need to be loyal to the ministers and not report any issues or information to the press that ?may embassess the Governemt and would be a ‘dismissable offence if it was carried out”.

    Perhaps now Labour leader PM Adern needs to repeat this threat using the Steven Joyce memo again during her reign?

    Or at least conduct full background intellegence into the ‘polical leanings’ of all office staff within the parliamentary pool?

    • @CleanGreen, You are right something weird is going on in many of the MP’s offices and the bizarre and quite frankly embarrassing decisions being made.

      For example the new government never stops raving about ‘warm, dry housing’ and poverty, but it seems to be all words and ineffective actions, because positive results seem few and far between and instead, big business is subsidies by government policy often overseas owned.

      Aka the power subsidy to beneficiaries and the upgrades of the state houses to what was supposed to be warm, dry homes, but in many cases are still freezing post insulation and ‘warm, dry programe’ with the insulation and heaters being chosen by industry idiots perhaps.

      For example, instead of the most efficient heating option being chosen to heat state homes, the powers that be in charge of state housing, do the opposite and install in energy guzzling out dated panel heaters that according to the tenants do zilch for heating, (but great for electricity companies and whoever sold and procured the panel heaters that nobody else would ever buy).

      Housing NZ tenants complain about ineffective heaters

      “The family is squeezed into a two-bedroom HNZ home, which meets current building standards for insulation and ventilation and has been through the agency’s ‘warm and dry programme’.

      Sara said that made no difference, with the home constantly freezing and cramped.

      “It’s like if you’re talking, like right now, it’s like you’re blowing out smoke. It’s like you’re waking up outside.”

      “The best thing you can do is get a heatpump,” Burrows told The AM Show on Wednesday.

      “The heatpump is incredibly efficient, it puts out so much heat and it’s very cheap to run. [It’s] far better than those fan heaters you’re talking about.”

      Although fan heaters can be alright to heat small spaces, Burrows says they just suck power and use around three times more energy than a heatpump.

      “They can be alright if you just turn them on briefly but for heating your home you need a heatpump.”

      Good decision seems absent in housing, making all the hype from government about warm dry housing hypocritical.

      It seems that the government departments with all their resources spent, have not been able to create the warm dry house yet or satisfy tenants concerns and in fact being putting in poorly functioning heating systems.

  8. To be honest, Winston, being part Maori himself (acknowledging the ‘Part’ Maori, which some others fail to do), has been pretty consistent on Maori matters and issues.

    There is a tendency these days to politicise everything and to now blame socio-economic problems on ‘the system’, in the widest of senses.

    Yes, the system may be to blame to a degree, and there will be cases of unconscious bias also, but it is not reasonable to ignore the failings by persons also at the individual level.

    That seems to be where Winston comes from.

    A drink driver blaming his accident – or driving under the influence of alcohol – will not get much sympathy by a court, or those negatively affected, it was her or him, who drank and drove, and hence they must accept that part of their responsibility.

    You can apply the same to child abuse and other situations.

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