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  1. His cousin, Monica Hau, who is visiting from Auckland, says the housing crisis could be solved if the Government helped people develop their land.

    “We have a lot of unemployed Māoris but we have whenua [land]. Why can’t they give them $5000 to put a bach on the land, instead of paying hundreds of dollars for motels? It’s ridiculous.”

    Not just Northland, there are completely oversized housing being consented that is not designed for the average wage in NZ and environmentally, aesthetically and wrong in law, but still it continues because it has become the norm for councils to encourage greedy, oversized planning.

  2. 16-year-old sells her Sydney student accommodation for $15m

    “Shuxin Xiao made Australian headlines for her craftily-timed purchase, buying Springfields for AUD$12m (NZ$12.4m) the day before state laws doubling the surcharge for foreign buyers came into effect.

    The move saved her an additional AUD$480,000 (NZ$49,700).

    Two years on, Xiao is selling the property for AUD$15m (NZ$15.5m), a price expected to set a new sales record for Warrawee. Real estate website Domain says the student intends to “downsize” from her lavish abode.
    A local real estate agent says it’s a common practice for non-Australian families who want to buy an investment property.”

    No property taxes for foreign students in NZ, yippee!

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