Tell your story walking Winston! NZ First overplay their hand & Andrew Little smacks them down


Abortion reform: Andrew Little says no deal as Winston Peters springs referendum call

The Justice Minister says he’s not going to do a deal with New Zealand First to help secure votes for his abortion law reforms.

Bad luck Winston!

After negotiating a deal on the Abortion legislation, NZ First blindsided Labour with talk of a referendum as part of their socially conservative blitzkrieg campaign to capture cheap headlines in the hope of rekindling the romance between Winston and provincial white rage.

Andrew Little has spun around and smacked down any suggestion of a referendum by immediately reaching across the aisle to National.

Homie don’t play that game Winston.

You can smack Andrew Little down once with the 3 strikes reversal, you don’t get to do it twice.

There is no need whatsoever to put this to a referendum, it is the right of any citizen to seek a medical procedure because abortion is NOT a crime, it is a health issue!

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Seeking a referendum is conservative virtue signalling, nothing more.

Tell your story walking Winston.


  1. NZ First are desperate for votes the election is coming we will see more Maori bashing and desperate tactics from shameless shane and his boss winny the poo who poo poos on his own people and the mugs still vote for him

  2. Yes my days of voting for NZF are at an end but then I can say the same thing about the Greens. As for Labour I’d rather brush my teeth with barbed wire than vote for them.

    Suffice to say whilst this is a positive it does not detract from Labour’s conspicuous shortcomings. Suffice to say I think they had better hope NZF or the Greens can pull rabbits out of hats come 2020 .

  3. Unless Labour can lock Winston in with a gifted seat, they should get on with growing their vote and the Greens. By focusing on the gens who will soon overtake the boomers in numbers. Sure, a number are prob right wingers too, but student loans and rip off rents have hopefully taught them something.

    Fer crissakes, if the Greens can’t get plus 5% in the era of planet meltdown, will they ever succeed?

  4. Enough bloody referendums already. If you want to change the flag, just go ahead and bloody change it like Canada did. If you want to fix our screwed up and insulting to women abortion laws, then go ahead and bloody fix them. And legalise weed too while you’re at it. Stop throwing the burden back to us, we elect you to implement your policies and if we don’t like them we can vote for someone else.

  5. You never expected Winston to play nice did you? If you did then shame on you!
    He will cause a major headache for Labour, Arden especially, around the middle of next year….certainly a couple of months before next election, so he can ‘show’ that he is still ‘keeping the bastards honest’.
    It doesn’t take a political degree or even political junkies like us all that post, it’s what he does every 3yrs of an election cycle.
    And people STILL ignore the past and think next time will be different when he espouses his usual/predictive political election year rhetoric!
    Although, and I have said before, but I honestly think NZ1st are goneburger next year without Labour gifting of a seat.

  6. He (Winstone) will cause headaches if and only if he gets the numbers he needs to pose a threat election time but he can’t play the race card so now he has to play his other cards he has up his sleeve, the conservative one with abortion and he can play the red neck racist card with the Ihuamatao and Cyfs/OT issues. But he seems to have been out played on the abortion issue. I see the Greens haven’t learnt this not to show your cards unless they pay to see them its like a game of poker.

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