Jacinda’s ‘tells’ over Ihumātao and where was RNZ on Monday night?


Did Jacinda tell fibs on TV1 yesterday morning about the police action at #Ihumatao ?

She seems to wink/wince her left eye when not really telling the truth, crossing from patronising into lying?

Here were the 2 points when she gives these ‘tells’: “we do not interfere [with police ops]” and cops thought occupiers were “potentially” going to move.

Listened, intently, to both 11pm and midnight bulletin of RNZ news expecting to hear something about the developing situation at #Ihumatao on Monday night and nothing at all – like it wasn’t  happening!

They can play a clip from the BBC about a British girl who has been missing for two days in Malaysia and they can tell us about a local government candidate in Hawkes Bay who can’t park his car somewhere, but when the shit is getting real and hundred cops try to isolate and staunch out Maori Land occupiers at night absolute radio silence.

Just shocking omission from the state broadcaster. 


  1. Bomber none of them can lie straight in bed !!!

    As for RNZ they can’t be relied on anymore as a trusted broadcaster , the last governing group of gangsters saw too that.

    The MSM pick and choose what ( depending on the agenda ) you will see and here and the importance they place on the story as too how long it will play for.
    The TV networks give priority to Rugby stories often running for around thirteen minutes at the start of the bulletin or celebrity antics or something that is totally inconsequential to the serious stories they could be covering.
    The importance they give these are very short amounts of time.
    If you want to be informed click on Al Jazera chances are they are covering our news before we are just like the first September 2010 quake in CHCH when too find out if our son was still alive we had too tune in too the Aussie networks just too find out what was happening in our own country !!
    The T.D.B is often the first platform to coverdeveloping stories you won’t see for a week on the MSM

  2. The old “I can’t comment on operational matters”
    trip. (“Ultimately”), the line you roll out when you’re not yet sure whether one of the administration’s feifdoms has dropped you in it, or when a more open and honest response has not yet been formulated and translated into appropriate spin lines (“going forward”).
    Those ill-defined ‘matters’ that assist in preventing an open, transformational and kind government or holding anybody to account -even when basic codes of conduct or non-delivery of purchase agreements and KPI’s have not been met.
    It’s a wonderful system! Often accompanied by ” I have complete faith in my officials”. It’s quite good to know we’re governed by a faith-based system

  3. Alternatively, and to be as charitable as possible, it could be one of those ‘Clayton’s Matters – a subset of the ‘Operational Matters’. They’re the matters you’re having when you don’t want to be having matters because they might be causing tiks, insomnia and pangs of conscience.

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