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Shouldn’t Mike’s tailor be the one stepping up? Why does he look like a carpet salesman?


  1. Hoskings looks like he’s aged about 30 years since Jacinda took over. His rumpled appearance resembles a 1980’s Gordon Gekko recycled at the Red Cross odd bins and re-assembled in a group lesbian art project entitled ‘against the patriarchy’.

    Maybe he can’t afford a stylist anymore and he’s dressing himself, an unpaid intern? A Max Key creation for his new un-celebrity men’s line? Who knows.

    I guess the cushy manicures and manscaping he enjoyed under Key is over as Hoskings desperately tries to keep the pretence going that he can survive and remain relevant post Natz bootlicking.

  2. Hosking offers Prime Minister free wardrobe refresh with his new sewing business repurposing business trousers.

  3. haha,Mike has really suffered since Labour has returned to power,you can see that his attitude changed completely after the election.
    He was in shock and disbelief initially,but with acceptance,this shock has given way to stress,depression and a completely delusional out look.

    A friend was relating to me last week how he was listening to mike on the radio,crying about how his buddies in the extractive industries,particularly at Waihi,have been wrongly abandoned by this Government.

    Mike is of the view that declining future prospecting permits in the area is the beginning of the end for mining and the likes.

    My friend was very angry with mikes comments.

    Mike is just an idiot suburban Media Whore,nothing more.

    He is certainly not an Investigative Journalist.

    My friend and i know the situation at Waihi very well,unlike bright Mike.

    So here follows a basic but accurate account of the true nature of things…


    The Martha Mine at Waihi was and still is one of the great goldmines of the world.
    Sure there are others that are bigger and have been going for longer,but the devil is always in the details.

    Gold Mining operations commenced at Waihi in the late 18th century and continued until 1952,when gold prices slumped below profitable levels and manpower was short since many of the skilled miners were killed in the preceding World wars.

    During this period,we had two World Wars,The Great Depression and the Fatal 1912 Miners Strike.

    In this historic period,a vast amount of gold was removed from the town.

    From 1952-1984 ,Waihi had no mining industry and instead became a place of interest to the alternative minded folk.

    For this reason,the area was chosen as the venue for the Nambassa concerts.
    Waihi made the full transition away from mining.

    But then (1984),as Brian Bruce has recently commented,Rogernomic’s was rolled out…and that same year,the Multinational Investors rolled back into town,under the banner of AMAX.

    Waihi has since then been systematically raped by Couer Gold,Cypress Minerals,Normandy Mining,Newmont Mining and now Oceania Gold,New Talisman Gold and potentially others.

    Couer Gold abandon the Golden cross mine after it was discovered the cyanide laden tailings dam was unstable and slipping,they were approved consent to build it in a very high rainfall area,on top of a fault line and an ancient underground swamp!!!

    The Tui mine at Te Aroha has left a similar toxic legacy.

    As of today we have a large opencast pit plus a number of underground mines operating underneath the town,blasting away.

    Now with all of this mineral wealth coming out of the earth at Waihi,Mike Hoskings,along with many other uninformed people have naturally assumed that the town is paved with gold.

    In reality,nothing could be further from the truth…

    Despite the fact the the Waihi Gold mines have produced a disproportionately massive part of our entire country’s historical and current GDP,the town that supplied the labour for this massive commercial undertaking while also being required to offer up its young men of fighting age for two World Wars ironically,has a LOWER socio economic rating than any of its neighbouring towns,despite the fact that none of these towns have a multi billion dollar Industry calling it home.

    So while mike sits in Auckand,talking rubbish on the radio,i am at Waihi with a proper understanding of the situation.

    We are insulted by his comments to the effect that we should be grateful for industry investment here..

    Why would we be grateful?

    MSD/WINZ is the main employer in this Multi Billion Dollar “Mining Town”.

    As a person who has worked in the Waihi mining operations and has associates working there right now,i know exactly what is going on here…

    Unlike Mike,who has engaged in unprofessional,slanted reporting of industry propaganda.

    We will be challenging this clown on the ridiculous,inaccurate nature of the statements he has publicly made.

    In properly challenging Mike on the false nature of his statements,i intend to use newly available data sets provided by New Talisman and Oceania Gold with regards to their Annual total Gold extraction in troy Oz since modern mining began at Waihi in 84.
    These data sets will be cross referenced against the relative price of gold during each financial year,minus production costs and tax (if any) to reveal the following important facts.

    It is important to know

    a)what is the total worth of the gold we have essentially given away,in terms of how much the Multinational Corporations profited from their operations?.

    b)what would have been the difference in profits returned to the community if the entire modern operation at Waihi had been Nationalised and operated as a State owned enterprise?

    The accurate answering of these two questions can help to decide the future direction of this country.

    Considering that exploration which i have personally been involved in has confirmed that there is much more Gold sitting in the Coromandel ranges than what has so far been removed,and the value removed so far amounts to hundreds of Billions of dollars in today’s money….

    These parasite Corporations have already set the infastructure and unlike South Africa,the people of this country have the skills and determinations to properly operate these businesses in the national interest,in the event that we can force the State to step in and seize these strategic assets on behalf of the people.

    You may think that cant possibly happen…

    White farmers in South Africa once thought the same way…and in many cases they are now homeless or dead…

    Welcome to the future mikey boy….

    I will research these production numbers and after cost profits for the Multinational Corporations and issue a report for TDB.

    Please be advised that the totals which i will submit will appear at first as a major miscalculation,but remember,i am using the industry’s own publicly available data sets.

    Do not be surprised to see a figure for post 1984 gold production profits at Waihi in the range of many tens of Billions of dollars.
    I wont even bother with the Silver and other mineral recovery,this gold will prove my point proper.

  4. How about “Jacinda should stomp down. Repeatedly”. And what in god’s name are you wearing Hosking? You look like the long lost son of Steptoe

  5. Look at moi, the news is I have grown a beard and my outfit is from Peacock Styles (mention my name) just Mike will do because that’s where you’ll always find me, blethering on the mike ha ha!

  6. It’s got worse for him since his wife, Kate, got that gig on the radio. She gets tired from the early starts and won’t play with him in the evenings.

  7. Maybe it’s Mike’s desperate plea for more home economics teachers, so as more kids in NZ plunge into poverty from 30 years of Rogernomics they can relearn sewing skills to rekindle NZ lost skills of manufacturing.

  8. Wee mike is so deeply lost to narcissism that he’ll think that anything he wears will look awesome on him.
    That, by itself, isn’t a problem. I mean, if the guy wants to look silly, then go him. Good on him.
    The problem for me, however, is that he’s a only nasty little cunt with no class.

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