Councillors Cathy Casey and Efeso Collins are concerned at the increase in police numbers overnight at Ihumātao.


Cr Casey said “Auckland Council unanimously supported a motion to bring all parties together to facilitate a peaceful outcome. The Prime Minister is also seeking a negotiated settlement.”

“We call on the Government to show good faith in their commitment to resolving the crisis by reducing the police presence.”

Cr Efeso Collins says “The increased police presence at Ihumātao is running roughshod over the Prime Minister’s proclaimed desire to enter peaceful and honest talks. The cops need to be told to calm down and back off.”

Both councillors remain hopeful that peaceful dialogue will prevail and continue to offer their support to ensuring this happens.


  1. I just listened to mayoral candidate John Tamihere, talking on video about Ihumatao on this site (The Daily Blog). I think his solution was to leave it to Maori to sort out (I don’t understand Te Reo – just a few words, so I’m not exactly sure what he said.)

    After his video interview, a recording of an interview with Auckland’s mayor, Phil Goff, speaking on TV1’s “Marae” program appeared, a much longer and very agreeable interview with the establishment candidate, whom I think of as Pontius Pilate, having a bob each and every way before the election and then, if he wins, the concrete in the harbour and the sediment-dumpiing and every regressive thing will be on the agenda again – including standing back and looking the other way while the police move against the protectors at Ihumarao with Jacinda’s (hidden) blessing. Hear no evil. See no evil.

    I hope not.

    Establishment politics are revolting! So is compllicit media!

    Why wasn’t John Tamihere at the live Marae interview with smiley Phil Goff? Why is he (Mr Goff) being given a free run on TV1? (A rhetorical question. I know the answer – because the Government wants him to win because he will give them no trouble.
    Labour Party.)

    Bah humbug!

    I’m a candidate for Auckland’s mayor now too. I paid the $200 deposit yesterday and the completed required form with photo, two supporters and a 150 word statement.

    I wonder if any media will ask me on their show or for an interview!!!!!!

    Genevieve Forde
    Whangaparaoa Peninsula

    PS. A hacker adding mistakes as I type this. Hopefully I have corrected them all.

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