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  1. Clearly some are still in the dark about our country becoming more a Mecca for frauds and cheats in business and why you probably don’t attract and retain experienced people at unliveable wages of $16 – $25 p/h….

    “Transport researchers say it’s concerning, but also puzzling as there is no clear link to the growing road toll.

    From four such crashes in 2014, where the truck or bus did not have a six-monthly Certificate of Fitness (COF), the heavy vehicle number has shot up to about 60 crashes per year.”

    From fake drivers licenses

    To finding ‘certain’ people and ‘certain’ companies not guilty of careless driving after the death of a child, nor any fines from workspace, after zero interviews from worksafe to the driver or colleagues, with an expired traffic plan, while driving a 10 ton single waste management truck, driven with known blinds spots.

    “The inquest heard from WorkSafe inspector Kim Severinsen, who had found no issues with the competence or training of the truck’s driver Sau Tulua Aliifaalogo and no issues with Waste Management.

    He said he had not been able to talk to Aliifaalogo or other drivers as they declined to be interviewed, and he had no power to compel them.”

    “Mr Aliifaalogo, cross-examined by police lawyer Baden Hilton, conceded his training for hazards was mainly for those to the rear and overhead.

    Mr Hilton noted Mr Aliifaalogo, in test conditions after the incident, failed four times out of 11 to adequately complete a sequence of mirror checks. Once his foot slipped off the vehicle’s start-stop pedal, which is over-sized and prone to being activated accidentally.

    Worksafe lawyer DeAnne Brabant noted there were three mirrors to the left and three to the right for the driver to check. Mr Aliifaalogo conceded he didn’t always do those checks to rule.

    While he knew what a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) was, Mr Aliifaalogo was unable to describe to the inquest how one applied.

    He did not know the one held by the Gisborne District Council for the area that day had expired.

    Mr Aliifaalogo’s formal statement included a comment he knew of the blind spot at the right-hand side of the vehicle.

    But in two years of working for the company, Mr Aliifaalogo had never reported it, Mr Vanderkolk said.

  2. How can we have mature road safety when we have so many immature idiots holding licences.

    There will be no serious consequences for this type of road safety stupidity !!

    Our whole approach is childish and that includes the police.

    This is treated as a joke.

    Many drivers take risks and refuse too follow the road rules as there is no fear of the consequences of their actions.

    How many motorists would have been warned to turn on their lights in the lower south island this morning so they could be seen by other drivers and pedestrians due to the conditions.

    The answer is 0

    No enforcement on the basics.

    It is time the ” she will be right approach ” and i will drive how i like and the ” don’t be naughty “approach of the police is given serious attention.

    That would be a start.

    • The article was referring to the heavy vehicle crash numbers which has shot up from 4 accidents in 2004 to about 60 crashes per year now.

      So specifically the heavy vehicle seems to be an industry that is going in the wrong direction as it seem be increasing dramatically for crashes.

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