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  1. What is the point of building new houses, if within a decade they often need significant work to fix them, even if they are not leaking?

    A mortgage these days lasts 30 years, why are NZ houses only built to last 10 years before a lot of remedial work is needed (against other countries that don’t have this issue) and what does that mean going forward in a housing crisis, the costs of buying a house and renting one when significant ongoing maintenance costs are required for NZ new and old housing stock, due to our government putting all the costs on the owner of the house when things go wrong with nobody else in the process held accountable?

    Fixing his leaky home cost a fortune, now David Boyle asks ‘are we building a new leaky housing crisis?’

  2. It has now become completely normal for migrants in NZ to pay for a job and now we have more and more despicable scam artists conning…

    this is the sort of country we become when getting people in for money and then scamming people for money is normal, jobs are fake, and workers are not trained for the jobs they are doing, and the government turns a blind eye to this practise.

    Sounds like accomodation scams are going the same way too judging by this article.

    Why work hard for a living anymore in a normal job which you can hardly survive on, where everywhere you turn there is some scam going on for a rival job or accomodation that big scam money is changing hands while wages are going down or you pay for work, now in NZ.

    NZ migrant visa policy is making a mockery of working. Housing shortages are leading to housing scams when people try to access cheap accomodation because there ain’t much out there if you are just an ordinary worker, and can’t access the emergency funding for the motels.

    More and more despicable people are coming out of the woodwork – scams have been going on for years now, probably this guy will get caught, but the many before him seem to be getting away with it with a little fine, or nothing. Now the Kiwis can get in on the scam because they don’t have need a job to come to NZ or stay here, happy scam pickings from the government policy strikes again!'my-life,-my-dream,-everything-collapsed

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