GUEST BLOG: Ross Meurant – Oh how the worm turns


You can’t touch me, I’m part of the Union.

Unionist crusader Andrew Little will always protect out rights!


‘Five Eyes’ nations discuss giving police secret access to WhatsApp messages

“Intelligence Five Eyes security alliance countries, including New Zealand, are understood to have discussed giving police secret access to messaging apps including WhatsApp and iMessage at a two day meeting in London.

New Zealand was represented by Justice Minster Andrew Little, who met with leaders from Australia, Canada, the US and UK.”

Ross Meurant is a former Police Officer, Politician and author. His current book is available to purchase here…


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  1. What has 5 eyes and turning worms in it, and looks and acts like Andrew Little? A Praying Mantis crossed with a sheep that’s crossed with a wolf, that’s also infested with nematode parasites. Predatory, yet sheepish. Alert, yet curiously unintelligent, also acting quite oddly due to the parasites. A shambling and disturbing sight, obviously.

  2. @ RM? But he’s a lawyer… I mean…? What do you expect? A highly educated, highly experienced, highly motivated, highly paid, professional liar.
    Robin Williams once said:
    “Hey! ? Did you know that scientists are now using lawyers in lab experiments now instead of rats? They discovered there are some things even rats won’t do.”
    I’m going to be generous and give AO/NZ five to ten years. After that? The AO/NZ we know today will no longer exist and our dear old Jandles and Barbie’s Kiwi-as Bro’ Nu Zillind of yor will be nothing more than pretty pictures in Te Papa.
    Here’s some advice Aucklanders. Capitalise on the false economy that is your Ponsonby hut and move to Invercargill.
    Invercargill people? Here come the Aucklanders. Price accordingly.

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