CNN Democratic Debate Round 2


It didn’t have the energy of the first debate. There were some flashes of real vision from Andrew Yang but little from anyone else.

Gabbard smacked down Harris. Booker smacked down on Biden. Biden smacked down on himself by ending mid sentence Soprano’s style every time his allotted speaking time ended.

I didn’t hear anyone who sounded like they could go toe to toe with Trump and pitch an alternative America.

If you were to take 5 from this second debate to move onto the next round I’d pick Biden, Yang, Gabbard, Booker and Gillibrand.


  1. Yeah an obvious fizzer.
    I still believe that Bernie is the only one who can run on a real Democratic ticket and take on Terrible Trump.
    I don’t trust the Democratic party ( the name is a contradiction in terms ) to not knife Sanders in the back and will play it safe with someone like Biden who is being paid to keep the status quo and not address the weeping sores that are the middle and slave classes in America.
    The problems are not going away as much as the wealthy ruling classes would prefer but the Dems are just as corrupt as all the others who promise to change things while taking a backhander to keep things just as they are.

    • As one astute commentator said the US has a political right and far right. So true. Anyone who challenges the status quo gets shut down and shut out.

      Its almost as bad here in NZ in my opinion……

      • Actually I think that Trump is actually left of some of the Democratic candidates. The Democrats have their snouts firmly in the donor trough just like the republicans.
        Say what you like about our system, but the cap on electoral spending is just a bloody fantastic idea.

  2. Trump will win in 2020 and personally I am looking forward to it because he is no more right wing than the Democrats but at least he is fun to watch.
    The Democrats are still busy blaming Russian collusion for their losses because if they admit that there was none then they have to publicly admit what they know to be true – Clinton was a terrible candidate following on from Obama who was a terrible president.
    Obama was charismatic, young, handsome and perhaps most importantly black. As a consequence he was able to sell a message of hope effectively to the voting public. However as soon as he got in power, he pulled on his rubber gloves and continued the rectal exam that the middle and working class Americans have been receiving for decades.
    Clinton helped her husband implement the NAFTA which screwed over workers and helped Obama sell the TPPA which was (right or wrong) perceived as set to do the same.
    Clinton was like Marie Antoinette during the election. However instead of “let them eat cake” she called anyone who disagreed with her “deplorables” and didn’t even go to the fucling rust belt to acknowledge the hopelessness of the workers there.
    So of course they voted Trump. Why the fuck wouldn’t they?
    At least he acknowledged the problem.
    And they will vote for him again.
    Despite the appalling personality (and let’s face it, Clinton’s is no better) their economy is booming. Most workers don’t understand it is debt fuelled and can’t last so as long as it doesn’t crash before the election , Trump has it in the bag. So break out the popcorn because it’s going to be a fun election to watch .

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