Gutless AUT bows to our Chinese Overlords


Yesterday I asked what might occur if the pro China clique causes friction on NZ university campuses the way they have last week in Australia.

Well, we now have an answer.

There won’t be any issues because NZs educational facilities will gutlessly bow to our Chinese Overlords before an issue even occurs…

AUT scraps Tiananmen Square event

Chinese government officials have again ordered AUT to shut down a contentious event on campus. This time it was a Tiananmen Square anniversary commemoration. Laura Walters reports.

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Auckland University of Technology (AUT) cancelled a Tiananmen Square anniversary event after Chinese Government officials contacted the university to tell them not to go ahead with the commemorations.

The university said the event was cancelled due to a booking issue, not because of China’s request. This is not the first time representatives from the Chinese Government have tried to block a contentious event, and it’s not the first time a New Zealand university has cited booking issues as the reason for cancellation.

Emails released to Newsroom under the Official Information Act show the Chinese Consulate General in Auckland contacted AUT to express their opposition to an event commemorating the 30th anniversary of Tiananmen Square, due to be held on June 3.

…AUT is so dependent on Chinese international students that they will do anything China demands, even if that contradicts the very principles of academic freedom and a place where any issue can be debated.

Of course AUT are claiming no such pressure, but the email evidence is pretty damning. Our Chinese Overlords already dominate our economy, why are we allowing them to dominate our culture and political discussions?

If you were angry that Massey University denied Don Brash a space to talk race relations, you should be incandescent with rage that AUT has bowed so gutlessly to our Chinese Overlords.



  1. US carrier drive by has been a feature of international relations since WW2. In fact they’re doing it in Iran as we speak. It tells the lesser lords where they stand. Each baby step brings China closer to Super Power Status.

  2. Given we are fed a constant stream of US propaganda and lies over RNZ news, the which is the bigger deal.
    The USA blocks info on many countries they are active in attacking.

    Unless Kiwis look for non-US news sources then they become US / RNZ puppets with a very distorted view of the world.

  3. NZ ‘kowtowing’ to China is out of control and has to stop – are we all literally willing to do anything the PRC dictates just because we are all terrified of having to sell our milk elsewhere?

    The PRC is the Nazi Germany of our age and no one is willing to face up to the fact.

    • Well what are you doing about it Mr Brown? Why don’t you get some like minded people together, make up some anti-Chinese placards and go down and create a commotion in Queen St.

      Get in the papers, and chinese investment will quickly dry up. Guarantee it. At least give it a go eh?

  4. Nothing untoward here.

    If the baker you buy your donuts from insults you, are you going to go back to that same baker?

    Of course not. And by not patronising the business of one who insults you, are you suppressing their right to free speech? Again, of course not!

    All China is saying is if you insult us we will not pay to study at your institute

    AUT made their own decision not to go ahead with the event taking into acciunt the financial implications

    This has nothing to do with academic freedom

    • One flaw in your argument Mark is the word “insult”.

      How is it an “insult” to China that a room in a New Zealand educational institution is used to commemorate terrible event that happened in China 30 years ago?

      • I was simply making a point that if you piss off the customer, then that customer has every right under any sort of jurisdiction or ideological or political system in the world not to continue buying from you, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

        So let’s replace ‘insult’ with ‘piss off’, even though the Chinese do have a right to feel insulted, but if I tried explaining why it would fly straight over your head.

        Perhaps you should start educating yourself. Don’t trust everything the Western war mongering corporate media throws at you. Here is a different perspective on that event 30 years ago:

          • The greatest mass murderers in history are the Anglo American imperialists. They have killed over a million muslims in recent decades.

            Now they cry crocodile tears over Xinjiang. But the entire Muslim world stands with China. The entire developing world stands with China. Russia and Eastern Europe stands with China, Latin America, Africa, Asia (even the Phillipines), the Middle East.

            The Tiananmen response was a self-defense measure against counter-revolutionary rioters hell-bent on turning China over to Western powers as a semi-feudal colony as it was before 1949.

            • Cut the shit, what kind of self-defense measure would be too justified to be a Damnatio Memoriae? You know exactly you will be put in prison for mentioning this indefensible case in China even you are upright defending this cruelty.

  5. This is the outcome of User Pays education and the monetisation of Education that should be free for all Kiwis. Our idolatrous worship of greed, symbolised by the SkyTower raised up above all else in Auckland.

    We betray our future, and our shared natural wealth, in exchange for worthless bits of paper from China

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