After the University of Queensland incident, what happens to NZ if Hong Kong explodes?


It looks like the good people of Hong Kong have decided they don’t like the leash placed upon them by the largest totalitarian communist regime on the planet. The continued resistance and fight against Chinese erosion of civil rights in Hong Kong builds without any end in sight.

This is causing enormous tensions beyond Hong Kong and we saw that tension erupt in Australia last week when pro-China students at the University of Queensland clashed with pro-Hong Kong activists.

What happens to NZ if Hong Kong explodes? China is our largest economic trading partner and to date we have crawled on our bellies to our Chinese Overlords so as to not annoy them. We are even happy to allow China to harvest organs from Muslim Uighur’s at a time when we are bending over backwards for the Muslim community.

It really says something about us as a nation of cowards that we are prepared to spinelessly acquiesce for the dairy industry so as to not anger China while they are actively harvesting body organs from Muslims in re-education gulags at the exact same time we are apologising for a white supremacy terrorist atrocity that butchered Muslims.

We are truly a gutless people.

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So what happens if Hong King explodes? If NZers see the same type of pro-China attacks on our Universities as have occurred in Australia last week, the vast chunk of kiwis are gong to freak out.

The  silent truth of National’s decade in power was the open migration from China so as to prop up the economy on cheap milk powder and property speculation. That intake of Chinese migrants cemented the ‘Blue Dragons’ as a major faction inside the National Party. It will be difficult for National to openly criticise Chinese aggression in Hong Kong because of that faction and Labour are too frightened to endanger the dairy industry’s addiction to China as a market.

NZers however aren’t used to the fervent Nationalism of Chinese residents and if those Chinese residents start pushing Hong Kong students on campus you have all the ingredients of a cultural explosion.

Angry Chinese residents full of nationalistic fervour + indignant Hong Kong students + shocked Kiwis + politicians too wedded to our Chinese Overlords to say anything critical = explosion.

Got Milk?


  1. Very true Martyn.
    The upwelling of compassion for the Chch muslims was a wonderful thing, yet we seem skin deep and simply making policy based on emotion rather out of genuine care for others.
    “They are us” was a wonderful sentiment, until you begin the slippery slope of limiting freedom of expression.
    We are us too in case government forgot.
    And how do we justify trade with Saudi Arabia, China, Israel with their horrendous human rights abuses while we are being so self righteous?
    I’ll answer my own question – it’s because our democracy is run by corporations, we are governed for business, citizens are along for the ride and we are not heading to a good place.

  2. In answer to the actual question of what happens if pro China protestors clash with others here: let’s not forget we have a bunch of Chinese cops seconded to NZ, they will be able to show ours how you deal with dissent..

    • Chinese people that I have worked with have been very suseptable to influence by authority figures. Like the rest of us who came to New Zealand we were fleeing our own persecution or what ever. I’m sure only a very few Chinese imirgrants will want to continue the colonialist ways of the mother land. No matter how anyone arrives in New Zealand they will be afforded the basic rights of anyone else, the right to free speech and the right to protest. That is there right.

  3. First of all if there are cowards its not the average Kiwi but a good portion of the mob that somehow keep getting elected. You know the one’s much of the MSM are so fond of. I find it interesting too how we are crawling to China but I have yet to hear much said from the mainstream media about our incessant US toadying over the last 30+ years?

    Taking up to US style neo liberalism without batting an eyelid and signing on to dismal trade deals like the CP-TPP that was cooked up in the US. At least their new govt had the brains to see what it represented and walk away. Hanging onto dated failed capitalist attitudes to things like climate change, healthcare and social welfare. All the while buying expensive trinkets from the US industrial complex that I’d argue we really don’t need.

    Is China any worse than the US? I’d say no. In fact I’d argue their footprint on the world stage is a darn site less pervasive and certainly less toxic. So the real question here is why aren’t we standing on our own two feet and making decisions that put NZ first and ALL foreign interests a distant second?

  4. Oh martyn, quit your doomsday paranoid nonsense

    Nothing is going to happen because what is going on in Hong Kong has been blown all out of proportion

    6 weeks of mass protests, their parliament trashed, and not a single death

    The authorities should be congratulated for their restraint

  5. “It really says something about us as a nation of cowards that we are prepared to spinelessly acquiesce for the dairy industry so as to not anger China while they are actively harvesting body organs from Muslims in re-education gulags at the exact same time we are apologising for a white supremacy terrorist atrocity that butchered Muslims.

    Don’t be so idiotic Martyn, to believe such arrant nonsense

    Certainly the Muslim world is either indifferent to what is happening in Xinjiang or outright supportive.

    Not ONE Muslim nation was part of the 22 UN member countries which condemned China over Xinjiang.

    The real murderer’s of Muslims — i.e. Western countries cry crocodile tears over the fate of Muslims in Xinjiang, while real Muslims support China’s promotion of human rights and religious freedom.

    Only Western countries and Japan believe the shit you believe.

    Muslim people, and indeed the vast majority of the people of the world see through the lies of the Western war mongers.

    37 countries supporting China > 22 countries against. Not ONE muslim country among those who condemned China.

    These 37 countries from all four corners of the globe, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Cuba, Pakistan, Egypt, Venezuala, Congo, Turkmenistan, Zimbabwe, Phillippines (in spite of the South China Sea dispute), and many others…..from all over the fucken globe. Not just a tiny corner of it.

    Sorry, global opinion, real global opinion that is, is on China’s side. Get use to it buddy.

  6. When the UK ruled Hong Kong there was no democratic representation.
    Now there is so that is a great improvement.

    The legal change mooted to allow extradition to China for some crimes was aimed at criminal fleeing from China so they could be held to account.

    An issue to upset the general population – I doubt it. Most Hong Kong folk agree with the govt and are upset with the protest.

    The foment in Hong Kong is promoted from outside Hong Kong and China.

    A similar pattern is found in many so called uprisings in communities that the USA sees as being part of a strategy of attack. Unrest using paid youths many now supplied with guns.

    Our NZ news only uses information / propaganda from USA sources.

    Don’t be a sucker. Do you own research.

    Early view.

    US organisations in Hong Kong who are linked to unrest and protest in other countries

    CIA soft power in action and foreign interference.

    But there is far more detail on the Foreign interference you can find.

    RNZ news does not cover other than US propaganda releases.

  7. “…we are prepared to spinelessly acquiesce for the dairy industry so as to not anger China while they are actively harvesting body organs from Muslims in re-education gulags at the exact same time we are apologising for a white supremacy terrorist atrocity that butchered Muslims.”

    Good grief…..Here’s the thing: many of us come to the blogosphere because we want to get away from western MSM propaganda, not to get even more of it!

    I didn’t think it necessary to say this here, but clearly it is. You should know better than to take at face value all this rubbish about China. Look at which polities are pushing it: surely that gives you pause for thought?

    China is not our enemy, but the US sees it as an adversary. And you know full well what the US and its puppets do to polities perceived as “the adversary”. They’ve done the same to Russia, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya and so on. They’ll do it to NZ too, if we’re perceived as being too independent and standing up to US bullying. I remember the Kirk government sending frigates to Mururoa, and before that, our government taking France to the International Court of Justice over the nuclear testing there. Do you think that the Rainbow Warrior bombing was carried out without, at the very least, US knowledge – and likely approval? I also remember how this country was treated in the years after the anti-nuclear legislation was passed. Don’t think that something similar cannot happen again. Anent China, see this:

    There are other articles with an alternative view regarding China published in the off-Guardian. Other blogsites and news sites also carry such articles. Do us all a favour: go search them out and link them for readers.

    • Castro: I well remember how the Tiananmen square episode was reported here. However, at that stage, we knew someone who was travelling in China, and who watched the protests in the Square from their hotel room overlooking it. Their account – interestingly – differed from what the news media was reporting. But it was many years before I learned the full story.

      Suffice it to say that we’d been fed propaganda; I don’t doubt that some worthy at AUT had organised a memorial event based on that propaganda. Free speech? Hmm. I’d respect AUT more, if that entity had made some effort to seek out the truth. Critic and conscience of society, isn’t that what universities are supposed to be? Let’s be seeing some evidence of it.

      I’m not surprised that the Chinese embassy tried to stop the event; it must be truly infuriating, having to constantly fend off western – particularly US – attempts to destabilise China. Read the off-Guardian link above.

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