The Liberal Agenda – Pub Politics


Did you use to like ‘BackBenchers’? Imagine that but with a lot more swearing and abuse!

Bomber Bradbury presents Pub Politics a panel show where invited guests include politicians, experts and contributors who bring the heat and comments on anything happening in the crazy world of politics.

The show is set at Chapel Bar so there’s lots of banter, beer and pizza!

Feel free to join us each. Monday 2nd September as the show goes out live in our Facebook page and a list of other streaming sites (tba)


  1. Bravo, Martyn. Politics without fight isn’t. Queensberry rules for people who fought with fist and word alternatively. I donnow how the Right comes up — I think it’s ‘down’ for one.

    Those with brothers have a natural in to it.

    I wish in the media politics of post-demo-cracy we had a bit more raw hot fury. Cool analysis has been good but ’35 was founded on the former. No doubt, a lot of them would be found out in this age. But the best had intelligence AND fists. The lack of that combination allowed the ball-less wonders of not least Richard Prebble. Versus Oz who understand fight.

  2. Go Bomber !!!!

    I can’t wait and man is it overdue !!

    Just as long as it is not compromised by right wing influence as the last show was.

    • Why? I don’t particularly enjoy watching National Party Members in Parliament so if some one can do that for me then good. I still want to know what they’re saying and what the response should be. I reckon it should be no less than 60% left wing and no more than 40% rightwing, IMO.

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