MEDIA STATEMENT: Waikato DHB complaint to Solicitor General about Coroner’s findings in Nicky Stevens case withdrawn following agreement with family


Following a mediation meeting in Hamilton yesterday (25th July), Nicky Stevens’ whanau and the Waikato DHB have reached an agreement that includes the following:

  • An apology by the DHB to Nicky’s family
  • The withdrawal of the DHB’s complaint to the Solicitor General about the findings of the Coroner in the Inquest into Nicky’s death

Nicky’s mother Jane Stevens said “it’s taken four and a half long years to get to the point of being able to move forwards.”

“We are glad to have finally reached agreement with the DHB, but we would not want any other family to have gone through what we’ve had to put up with in that time.”

“Our son is no longer with us, but now we can remember him every day without inquiries, reviews, legal complaints and other formal processes looming over us.”

Nicky’s father Dave Macpherson said the attempt by the DHB to overturn the Coroner’s finding that Nicky’s death was avoidable “was one of the most shocking and hurtful things that has happened to us since Nicky’s death.”

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“The fact that this has gone, and that we’ve received a proper apology from the DHB, means we can now get on with our lives, and better support our other son and grandchildren.”


“Waikato DHB wholeheartedly apologise for the poor management of Nicky’s leave from the Henry Rongomau Bennett Centre, and also for the poor communication with you as whanau, both of which as found by the Coroner, contributed to Nicky’s death. 

Waikato DHB acknowledges the hurt and anguish you have suffered through Nicky’s death and the various events and processes since that time. We have sorry for how much you have suffered and continue to suffer.”