This is an open letter to Jacinda Adern from the children of Ihumatao


🚨URGENT!!!🚨 This is an open letter to Jacinda Adern from the children of Ihumatao asking her to take act now! Please EMAIL her at and ask her to help us fight for our land back! SHARE & TAG friends & whanau to spread the word


  1. The children of IHOMATAO may be no different to modern day brainwashed consumerist kids, all out to get some excitement and cheap stuff in the Big Smoke. I have seen it again and again, this idealisation of selected populations is childish, the reality is, they are just part of the bigger crowd, and they do not care as much about the land they live on, as it is simply a turf that can be sold and traded for money, like it or not.

  2. Perhaps a Greta Thunberg amongst them. 🙂 Cynicism has destroyed this Planet, time for openness and love and placing the land and environment including heritage first.

  3. The housing Fletchers are undertaking to add to Auckland’s housing stock will not catch up with the immigrant flow Business NZ insists on having to build business growth at the expense of infrastructure and loss of environment.

    The gap widens and yet the cause of it is left unchallenged. More families living in cars and anywhere, more poverty at the bottom end and more profit extracted at the investor end, much of it expatriated.

    Wake up Kiwis.

    The single income worker family well never own a home while the present market is run by Fletchers and investors /land bankers. State intervention is not only necessary but well over due.

    State housing not Public private developer schemes like Kiwi Build is needed.

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