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  1. Beware, many modern houses are designed to need significant remedial work within 15 years of their new build.

    Weird that state houses and villas last 100+ years, but as time goes on, the amount of time materials are expected to last, is declining… and the government would hate to upset business and demand a return to the 50+ year cladding requirement!

    Why worry too, when the rate payers are some of the people who are forced to pick up the business tab from poor council decisions and governments obsession with profiteering from poor construction!

    Beware as well the cost of disruption for apartments in particular being repaired is HUGE – just think of the Victopia in Auckland that is already shedding it’s cladding, the traffic by vehicle and foot just from one building failing or needing constant remedial work or demolition, is significant to the public and surrounding businesses, not just the poor owners of those flawed apartments!

    But in NZ’s Laissez faire mentalité, that is someone else problem the profits get banked, the developer goes into liquidation to reopen the next build under another name, the councils hope they last 10 years and lawyers are like pigs in muck with all the work!

    We have the worst of both worlds, fail to build long lasting buildings like in Europe, but also don’t have cheap, small building’s that are easier to repair and replace like in the Pacific Islands.

    We are building short lasting expensive buildings the have high impacts on others when they need to be repaired!

    As well as having already a massive shortage of building after 30 years of the above, as well as lazy immigration and tourism that both increases the need for more accomodation while much of the lazy immigration for construction consists of labour and immigration scams and bring in people who can’t speak the language, have never built in this country and have no qualifications in this country (unlike nursing, doctors and teaching where there are local tests for migrants to check they are qualified to the right standards) !

    New houses have cladding and joinery that lasts just 15 years

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