The Liberal Agenda – Syria Speaks

FRI, 26 JUL AT 19:00
The Peace Place · 22 Emily Place, Auckland City

Syrians in New Zealand speak about the uprising against the Assad government, the violence that has followed, the role of foreign governments in the conflict, and what New Zealanders can do to help.

An informational meeting supported by Fightback and by Organise Aotearoa (views of speakers do not necessarily represent OA). The new edition of Fightback magazine, “Syria: Revolution and Counter-Revolution”, in English and Arabic, will be available.

(NOTE: this meeting was originally scheduled for March 15, but was postponed after the massacre that day of 50 worshippers at Christchurch mosques, some of whom were Syrian refugees).

ALI AKIL came from Syria as a teenager and has lived here for two decades. His father was an activist against the Assad regime who was imprisoned, tortured and narrowly escaped execution. Ali was the founder of Syrian Solidarity NZ, which was established in 2011 in response to the dignity uprising in Syria.

MIREAM SALAMEH (by Skype from Melbourne) was born in Homs, Syria in 1983. When the Syrian Revolution broke out in 2011, Salameh was persecuted both as a revolutionary and visual artist. Miream, with her friends, founded a magazine called (Justice) in which they documented Assad abuses in the city of Homs. Due to her involvement in anti-government activism, she was forced to leave her homeland after regime forces made threats of rape, arrest and murder against her, looting and destroying most of her artwork. With her three remaining artworks, she fled her homeland to Lebanon in 2012 and came to Australia in 2013 as a refugee. Miream’s artwork addresses issues of social justice, freedom and the suffering of the Syrian people, who are being violently oppressed for resisting dictatorship.

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  1. Be sceptical: with regard to the opponents of Assad’s government, all is not necessarily what it seems.

  2. When has the USA been of assistance people in any country they have set out to establish regime change and installation of a US driven puppet Govt.

    Assad is democratically elected.
    Thy USA has spent many billions trying t divide Syria and its many tribal factions. The USA has troops on the ground illegally and has killed many thousands of Syrians.
    If Russia had not intervened and restrained the US/Israeli attacks on Syria then peace would be a lot further away.

    The USA has yet to withdraw its troops and stop funding and supplying arms to so called “rebel” groups so peace is that much further away.

    The USA currently has programs of destabilising dozens of countries in the world. In many it has succeeded in taking over elected govts and installing puppets.
    Saddam Hussein was a US puppet who decided to keep back some of the oil money for his people. He had to go.
    The US lying machine started..
    Remember the lies about WMD

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