Trump’s war with the ‘Squad’ – less dog whistle, more Ku Klax Klan airhorn


I want to ignore Trump so desperately, so as to not feed this orange fascist any oxygen – but his comments over the last 24 hours are just so deeply offensive and so below not just the the office of President, but basic civil courtesy that one must cry out at his hate.


This constant cacophony of base racism defended with a ludicrous sophistry to try and justify and excuse the base racism is an audacity and affront to anyone with basic reading skills.

Telling People of Colour to go back to where they came from is the very example used when defining racism, Trump is targeting these women of colour who have been righteously critical of America in an attempt to channel broader male resentment towards women having more voice and more space to express their truth.

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My fear is that it is a cruel and divisive tactic that will benefit Trump enormously.

‪Trump supporters seem to derive energy not from Trump’s offensive rhetoric but from the explosion of rage from liberals responding to his bile.‬

‪The secret to Trumps win is that it’s fuelled by resentment not an ideology.


  1. racism right from the very top echelons of american society and turning a blind eye to saudi murders a very sick man indeed

    • Not that Obama, Bush and Clinton didn’t also turn a blind eye to Saudi murders…. and they also all turned a blind eye to Israeli atrocities. Trump is fully consistent with former presidents in this regard and is no worse than former US leaders.

        • The point is Trump isn’t as special as he being portrayed. Singling him out when he is factually no worse than others (for this issue) is disingenuous.

  2. donald is scotttish = kkk founders and that was not their country
    donald is german = worlds war 1 & 2 atrocities
    donalds wives come from where ?
    donald give it a rest mate your making a fool of yourself and your grate country

    • Actually the KKK was founded by the Democratic Party ( not Donald)

      “Founded in 1865, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) extended into almost every southern state by 1870 and became a vehicle for white southern resistance to the Republican Party’s Reconstruction-era policies aimed at establishing political and economic equality for blacks. Its members waged an underground campaign of intimidation and violence directed at white and black Republican leaders…

      ….”They were described as acting as the military arm of the Democratic Party and are attributed with helping white Democrats regain control of state legislatures throughout the South.[31] In addition, there were thousands of Confederate veterans in what were called rifle clubs….

      • Weak Red Buzzard.
        You and I know that during the middle of the twentieth century, both parties swapped places with regards to racist support. LBJ’s civil rights legislation was the last straw for many racists to support the Democratic Party again. Ever since then the Republican party has been courting the racist vote. Indeed Reagan began his run for president only a few kilometers from the founding of the Klan.

  3. Wat we have to come to terms with @ MB is that there are many, many, many ‘thems’ out there and now the have an orange focusing mechanism.

    For all you died in the polyester trumpites out there.
    Don meets Jeff.
    Footage of trump and epstien hanging with the peeps.
    Warning! Gag worthy.
    Like roge douglas, dick prebble, dereck s-quigly ruth, jenny and helen etc etc? Why don, the prick, isn’t in jail is a mystery to me.

    • re “Don meets Jeff”….lets get some facts here (least there is another conspiracy theory…like the Russian one)

      …Trump banned Epstein from his mansion a number of years (15?)ago for predatory behaviour towards young girls. Trump also supported attempts to convict Epstein a number of years ago

      …Epstein was a member and financial supporter of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton.

      …and like Weinstein another donor to the Democratic Party Clinton campaign, Epstein is a mate of the Clintons ( Bill took 26 trips on Epsteins ‘Lolita Express’ to his pedophile island ) There is no evidence Trump took any such trips

      ‘CrossTalk on Epstein: Predatory elites’

      “There is no doubt the legal saga of Jeffrey Epstein has become a spectacle. It is lucrative clickbait for the media. And of course the lurid allegations against Epstein are being used to entrap his social circle through guilt by association. But what about the justice system? This too is on trial.

      CrossTalking with Brian Joyce, Gina Loudon, and Alex Christoforou.”

  4. So Trump is a c***t and so are his supporters. No news there. There is nothing brilliant about what Trump is doing. Anyone can become a politician, start saying horrible things about other races etc, and get a huge following. There are lots of c***ts out there. Always have been and always will. The only thing difference at the moment is that Trump and his supporters have realised they can get away with it. That’s how fascism gains power. They realise no one or no thing is stopping them. Sure, Trump’s supporters will gain a lot of energy but that doesn’t mean everyone else shouldn’t respond to Trump. Trump and his supporters are on a one way trip, whether the opposition responds or doesn’t.

    What The Squad are showing is that the only option IS to fight back. Being quiet and not upsetting a bunch of racists, women haters etc is called appeasement and it did nothing to stop World War II happening. It just gave Hitler a bit more time to prepare.

    Here’s the full press conference from The Squad following Trump’s comments. It’s very inspiring and exactly the tonic needed to respond to Trump. Otherwise called fighting talk.

    • re “So Trump is a c***t and so are his supporters….

      I didnt know Trump was a transgender Drag Queen !? lol…..really?

      …I presume you are using the female genital ‘c’ word applied to Trump as form of abuse? …

      ( in which case misogynist …and not very politically correct?)

      ….if you are going to use a sexual term to describe Trump wouldn’t a male sexual swear word be more appropriate?

      • No, Red Buzzard, because the Green Party co-leadership say that we have to use and normalise the word ‘c*nt’, and if Trump can’t be a c*nt, then that implies that Trump isn’t normal.

        And in any case according to my younger and betters,
        men do get referred to nowadays as c*nts , NZ men that is, and I once heard it said in such context myself, but minus the asterisk – which is totally tongue-jamming. Try it.

        • @ SNOW WHITE re : “So Trump is a c***t and so are his supporters”

          So ESOTERIC PINEAPPLES of the Greens was using the term c***t affectionately to refer to Trump and his supporters ?!

          • Red Buzzard, I’m struggling with this one. But I think that what EP did, describing Trump as a c*nt,
            is precisely what the Green co-leadership says that we shouldn’t be doing, using c*nt to offend, but if we obey the Greens and normalise the word by saying it more often, then it will no longer be offensive.

            At this moment in time, yep, EP was probably being bit rude there, but if EP uses the word 20 times a day, then maybe not.

            I am not sure if Greens have the prerogative to be trying to control citizens’ vocabulary, it’s a bit Orwellian for me, and I have no idea whether I should avoid that word altogether, wander around chanting it, or stay silent forever more.

  5. “‪Trump supporters seem to derive energy not from Trump’s offensive rhetoric but from the explosion of rage from liberals responding to his bile.‬

    ‪The secret to Trumps win is that it’s fuelled by resentment not an ideology.”

    How did that end in the 1920s and 30s with demagogues fueling the politics of resentment??

    We are at a critical crossroads in human history. One road leads to Trump’s Amerika. The other, hopefully, to a better place in America

  6. Reported in Stuff today (Stuff, 2019), Ahmed, a mosque survivor met with Trump and said:
    “Mr Trump, thank you from New Zealand”.
    “Thank you for your leadership, standing up for humanity, standing up for religious groups and their rights and thank you for supporting us after the 15 March tragedy in Christchurch. God bless you and God bless the United States”.

    Now I know that everyone involved in the shootings especially the victims have been through an unthinkable and horrible time, but I will not sit here and listen to this without analysis and reply. Firstly Ahmed does not speak for me as a New Zealander. Secondly everything following his mention of NZ is not supported by facts, not Trump’s leadership, or his support for humanity or religion or expression, nor is there evidence of a higher spiritual being of any sort, whatever you want to call it. Racism has been a topic of discussion this week (I actually pulled myself up on a racial slur which I subconciously/automatically wrote) and for me one instance from TalkBack radio summed up the fantasy world we seem to be living in with respect to these unqualified political celebrities and the starry-eyed psycophant courtiers who worship at their feet. A caller rang to say that the Maoris of New Zealand were lucky that the noble, colonial explorers had discovered this country and that the indigenous population had been transformed from the stone age to the space age. Here’s a fact: Maori were navigating the oceans of this area long before these floundering, disease-ridden drunkards limped into shore. And here’s another: the people of the Middle East have been bombed from advanced civilisations back to the stone age by the United States. These are facts.

    Stuff. (2019). Christchurch terror attack survivor thanks Donald Trump at White House. Retrieved from

  7. Well they have tried to impeach the orange gorilla but not yet

    ‘Not yet: Vote on Trump impeachment fails in Democrat-controlled House’

    “The US House of Representatives has overwhelmingly voted against a resolution to impeach President Donald Trump, sponsored by those hoping to capitalize on the backlash to Trump’s attacks on four progressive congresswomen.
    The majority of Democrats sided with Republicans to put a pin in the resolution, which was tabled with a final vote of 332-95 on Wednesday.

    Introduced by Rep. Al Green (D-Texas), the articles of impeachment denounced Trump as “unfit to defend the ideals that have made America great.” Green held up a series of Trump’s tweets telling four Democratic congresswomen to “go back” to where they came from, as well as the House votes to condemn those tweets, as proof of Trump’s “high misdemeanors.”…

  8. The sheer unadulterated horror on that infant’s face speaks volumes. He’s likely only a year old and already he’s experienced concrete proof Hell really does exist. He’ll be scarred for life. (Having a mother who is obviously a swivel-eyed loon probably won’t do him any good either.)

  9. ‘I disagreed with it’: Trump distances himself from ‘SEND HER BACK!’ chants

    “US President Donald Trump has sought to distance himself from supporters who erupted into a chant of “send her back” about Somali-American Congresswoman Ilhan Omar at a Wednesday rally, saying he “disagreed” with their sentiments.

    Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Trump addressed the ferocious backlash that followed the scene at the rally in North Carolina, saying he “felt a little bit badly about it,” but adding that he was not the one who started it…

  10. Trump only needs to secure 270 electoral college votes on November 3rd next year to secure a second term.

    And he will probably not secure the popular vote again either as happened in 2016.

    If he keeps the states he won last time and holds Florida he has a good chance of being in office for four more years.

    He will need Ohio , Pennsylvania , Michigan that was very close last time and Wisconsin another tight one

    The more the Democrats demonize him the more powerful they make his support base.

    16 Months to go.

  11. You’ve been played by fake media.

    Alright he told them to go back to the country cesspit they came from, fix that, ( the bit omitted by fake media) AND THEN RETURN AND SHOW US HOW ITS DONE.

    Nothing racist, he’s just calling them out for their total lack of experience.

    Meanwhile there is a more subtle game going on: By singling out ‘the squad’ of loonies and antisemites he’s making them the face of the Democrats. They will drive away middle class voters.

    Pelosi has lost control of her own caucus and Trumps opinion poll ratings continue to climb.

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