With what we know about ill trained NZ Police shooting NZers, shouldn’t we always film cops in action?


The Police are not happy…

Waikato police concerned by number of onlookers filming gunpoint arrest

Police are concerned about the number of bystanders who gathered to film gunpoint arrests on a busy Hamilton street. 

It comes after armed police swooped a group of men near a superette on Greenwood St on Sunday afternoon. 

By the time police ordered a group of men to the ground at gunpoint, dozens had gathered to watch and film the action. 

…with what we know about ill trained NZ Police shooting NZers…

Why are more people being shot by cops? 

New Zealand police have shot more people in the past 10 years than the previous 40. They shoot almost as many as their counterparts in the UK, which has 13 times the population.

Police bosses deny there’s a problem, but former officers, lawyers and families are calling for a radical rethink of how such cases are handled to stem the bloodshed. Tony Wall and Catrin Owen report.

…shouldn’t we always film cops in action? We know the ill trained NZ cops are becoming as trigger happy as American cops, filming them when they roll heavy is the ONLY way to make the NZ Police Officer fearful there might be consequences if they shoot Kiwis.

We know the Independent Police Conduct Authority is a toothless lap dog to Police, the only thing the Police fear is public scrutiny, so when you see the Police roll heavy, you always get your phone out and record their actions.

It’s the only functioning safety valve to a Police force who know they can get away with murder.


  1. But but but… the NZ police are the best people for our government to take advice from over the sweeping firearms reforms . And they are the safest organization to still be allowed MSSA firearms Bomber. That’s the shit we have been forced to swallow since the Christchurch massacre. The firearms amnesty will fail because we simply do not trust the police. And we have good reason not to. Robertson’s penny pinching over refunding illegal firearms( those with no license) has created a black market in firearms just as I predicted. And was pilloried on this blog for saying so. The arrogance of this government in not listening to firearms owners will cost them dearly. While they will win in 2020( just) they will lose the election after that . Because by then the police will be whining and lobbying for more warrantless powers to invade our homes and find all those missing weapons.

    • It’s public intelegence to know. The 4th estate was supposed to be apart of the publics intelligence but commercial media is just as toothless as the independent police conduct authority. Y’know I don’t believe for a secound that kiwis wake up thinking they should be a loony hobbit. Nah, I think there indoctrinated into stupidity, and documenting abuses of power adds to the publics intelegence. So no pictures didn’t happen.

  2. ‘Because by then the police will be whining and lobbying for more warrantless powers to invade our homes and find all those missing weapons.” Really Shona ?

    ‘The Whining Policeman.’ I’ll write the story when I finish,’Paula and the Nationals.’

    There’s a reasonable chance that the police themselves will be wanting to carry body cameras to protect them from the public – and from their own nincompoops. They’re still better than many police forces – ask any traveller. And a hang of a lot better than bringing in the army, which has happened before in this country, and it could happen again. There are politicians who will use whatever it takes to achieve their own ends, and they scare me more than any cop.

    • Yeah I know NZ’s history and I have traveled extensively. Massey’s Cossacks ring any bells??? Waihi coal mine strike ???
      NZ police have shot and killed more unarmed citizens than the UK police in the last 4 years.
      There are many many reasons why an ever increasing number of Kiwis refer to the Police as the biggest gang in the country. Reckon Ross Meurant would bring you up to speed on that.

      Do YOUR homework Snow White. And try ever so hard not to condescend. Not only is it effing tedious( yeah.yeah it’s your style) it really gets on everyone’s tits!!

  3. All i want to know how many people in our country would beable to deal with going to crash sites and see either a child or adult nearly dead or dead,and have to go tell the family what happened..if it wasnt for us having a police force who would catch rapist, murders, child molesters and people invading our homes..yes there are some bad apples but in the public there is worse so instead of going on about guns and moaning how about saying thank you to the police for doing a job half of new Zealand would not do. And the quote about new Zealand police getting like america please over there they shoot first ask questions later, and there is more living ovet there than here..Come on wake up…

    • Well said, Faye. I think two detectives who worked the Karla Cardno case quit the police as a result; a recent local bludgeoning, rapes and murder a couple of streets from me, leaving two girls orphaned, was so horrific that ordinary local people don’t want to know about it, but cops and copesses have to deal with it, and they carry stuff in their heads which isn’t pretty.

      The IPCA found two or three complaints justified in the last week or so; they have quite an involved multi steps process, and seem to be under more scrutiny themselves now, and that’s all OK.

      Perhaps in the upper echelons they may sometimes need more oxygen – the day any group or business sites its top brass on the ground floor, instead of up the top near the gods, I reckon they’d be on a better track.

  4. guns in the wrong hands can kill Faye and that trashy aussie coward shot and killed too many people for us to ignore and sit back like fools and wait for it to happen again lol as for our police they can be racist too maybe not to you

  5. Police over reach is out of control
    They are running rampant over civil rights, they have an ex police association head in parliament, a weak minister and a current police association minister head dictating gun law and now it seems even our rights regarding police entry to our homes.
    Extra irony points on the above story for the fact our Police Commissioner is a convicted drunk driver.
    Lastly, look at the picture in this article on the gun buy back https://www.nzherald.co.nz/northern-advocate/news/article.cfm?c_id=1503450&objectid=12251086&fbclid=IwAR2eAcnuAJs4M7EVvqJhwM2U2gwF4QHbGHc5b19z4xqPIWzq6OORXTfXfJs
    is this an MSSA? (No) Most of the guns caught up in the rushed law are.22s and shotguns that hold 2 or 5 too many rounds, or sporting semis with small internal magazines.
    For all the propaganda in media and on police websites of how swimmingly it’s going, current estimate is about 1000 guns handed back of an assumed 300 000.
    We know there are definitely 14 000 MSSAs held as e cats (zero percent crime rate under prev law)that should be recoverable.
    If your argument is any gun less is good, think about the consequences of the destruction of trust in police, and the guns that go underground. To all of our detriment, amongst what were one of the most law abiding sectors of the community there are open discussions now all over the internet of people burying their guns.
    We are being made less safe.

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