These are the people our corporate farmers are destroying our environment with intensive farming practices for?


Yay, look at the great friends we are now economically dependent upon that the corporate farmers of NZ  forced upon us…

Inside China’s brutal ‘death camps’

They are described as schools where people suspected of being extremists are taught Chinese culture and values in a bid to re-educate them and keep society safe.

But survivors of the country’s vast network of prison camps reveal classes, which run from dawn until midnight, are mandatory and a failure to complete them satisfactorily leads to horrific torture.

Detention in re-education camps occurs after long stints in prison, with forced labour and repeated medical tests that human rights advocates say is part of China’s forced organ trade.

…wow, a million and  half people forced into ‘re-education camps’ for the purpose of harvesting body organs.

How charming.

Why are we allowing NZ Farmers to dictate our economy? Not only do they pollute the water, steal the water and cause climate crisis gases, they are forcing us to be held economically hostage by a Communist Authoritarian regime who are body organ harvesting from dissidents, who have a mass surveillance state on meth and who have no issues with enforced cultural assimilation.

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Want milk powder with that repression?


  1. Instead of blaming farmers as I have been wont to do also, think about the systems in place which makes this overintensive stupidity necessary.
    1)banking sector foreign owned and pushing up land prices so farmer has to be intensive to survive, and then sell offshore to get maximum profit.
    2)Free trade deal with China which works for them far more than us – they can even own land and assets here we can’t there(Helen Clark labour government)
    3)Fonterra monopoly distorting market dictating price ( labour government).
    4)ECAN stacked to prevent environmental protection leading to overallocation of water and more pollution(National Government)
    All these issues have a basis in bad government, and are reversible with good government.
    We just don’t have one.


      …in addition China is the greatest emitter of Greenhouse gasses ( NZ emissions are paltry in comparison)and China is still building coal powered plants in developing countries !

      ….we should get rid of the free trade agreement ( which has been an environmental and housing disaster for New Zealanders in so many ways)and get our New Zealand sovereignty back for New Zealanders

      …we should be boycotting China for many reasons including an appalling human rights record …especially the Greens who make fighting Global warming their mantra

      ( but no doubt the politically correct anti racist stupid wokkie Greens would argue that this is ”Crude racial profiling” as did Metiria Turei over the housing crisis in Auckland

      • Per capita China’s GHG emissions are a fraction if that NZ which is 1.7 times that of China. The GHG emissions per capita of the USA are over twice that of China.

        Historic accumulated GHG emission per present day capita of the USA are over 26 times that of China.

        Meanwhile NZ, Ozzie, US and many other “Western” countries import goods from China to fill there chain stores and homes.

        There is s0 much US generated propaganda about China and Russia that MSM stuff has to be brought into perspective.

        The highest incarceration rates in the world are in USA, and NZ is not far behind

        On the other hand China’s incarceration rates are 0.18 of the US rate and NZ’s rates being over 2.66 times that of China..

        The selling of dairy to China is because China will take it and Business NZ is a willing seller. Money speaks .

        Not that the NZ infant formula is good for any human child but that is another matter. We are assisting in a break down of their child rearing culture as wet nurses (the preferable substitute for hungry babies ) are disappearing.

    • Oh Jesus! Have you guys learned nothing?
      Calling cowsploiters farmers is like calling cardio vascular surgeons plumbers. ( No disrespect to actual plumbers.) They both deal with pipes and leaks after all.
      You do know what would happen to Nu Zillind if we had no farmers, right? Can you imagine your AO/NZ now without farming? You’d be eating your neighbour, or perhaps more likely, they’d be eating you. We’d also have no basic infrastructures and I mean none. At all. We’d also have no money to buy fuel oil, medicines or swanky cars for the posh on Ponsonby! Imagine the fuss if Bradley and Clamidia didn’t have the Audi to drive to breakfast in? OMG! They’d have to take the bus ! ! Oh. My. God! Bussing with the Oiks! Have you seen the cars that drive about in Ponsonby and Herne Bay? Have you? Along Jervois Rd?? I’ve seen more cars over $100k there and anywhere else in Nu Zillind? BMW’s, Audi, Ferrari, ( Why!? ) Lamborghini, Range Rover??? There’s no fucking range to rove over in fucking Ponsonby! Those absurd cars are polluting the cities you idiots live in with complete immunity but the moment a cow takes a piss the fucking world stops turning.
      The fact that you always seem quick to demonise farmers while you eat foods and slurp latte’s while no doubt cheesing the toast is ominous for its hypocrisy. So why? Why is that? Why do you lay into cockies? Why not focus on YOUR arsehole? What comes out that tube’s not so flash for the environment either. Let’s make a choice? You must step in shit. Pretend it’s a challenge. But you can chose a shit to stand in. Would it be human? Or cow? Carnivore? Or herbivore? Shits of meats? Or shits of vegetables? Where do YOU piss? Into space? Well done then. A big tick for your prostate.
      Why does TDB hate on farmers so much? What’s your fucking problem with those who grow the foods you eat AND export the left overs for our foreign exchange? Why is that? What’s going on here? I’m serious? What’s going on? What are you up to? You have zero positive things to say about farming and yet you can’t comprehend where your shit comes from? That’s a bit fucked. Something’s up. What’re you up to?
      One more thing. Here’s a thing, right? You buy Chinese things. It arrives in the mail. You use it only to discover it’s a bit shit. Do you know who TOLD the Chinese to build over priced , under quality shit for you dopes to buy? WE did. Yes. WE did. The Chinese simply manufacture to OUR specs. And our specs specify cheap shit so as we can slap on good coin to sell to our very own schmucks.
      If you’re genuine? You’re over there with winston peters doing a duet barking up the wrong forest.

  2. for fucks sake Martyn – do you believe everything the imperialist media comes up with. You are pathetic

    21 Western plus Japan are the only ones to condemn China for doing nothing wrong.

    37 countries from Africa, from Europe, from Asia, from Latin America, including many Muslim countries support China’s human rights promotion efforts in Xinjiang

    Not one majority muslim country has condemned China’s actions in Xinjiang.

    The countries that condemn China have actually murdered hundreds of thousands of Muslims in recent years.

    The Muslim world overwhelmingly stands with China.

    So does Russia, Angola, Cuba, Belarus, Venezuala – peopel from all over the world who are sick to the back teeth of the Anglo American imperium

    Just because you are white Martyn, does not mean your opinion is worth more than anyone elses —although you obviously think it does.

    • Wow, just wow. Mark, you just must be a mouthpiece of the Chinese regime. Or a woke millennial so far up themselves that anything that questions the refulgent glory of anyone-not-white-from-overseas must be stomped on with propaganda and abuse.

      • Deal with the facts of the matter.

        Muslim countries and the OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation), are basically unanimous in supporting China’s actions in Xinjiang.

        Countries from all four corners of the globe, Russia, Venezuala, Zimbabaw, Nigeria, Cuba, Myanmar, that is Africans, Asians, Europeans, Latin Americans, Middle East have come out in support of China

        Whereas in the other corner you have a handful of white countries, many of them their hands dripping with the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women, and children, crying crocodile tears for Muslims.

        Now who do you trust when it comes to the affairs of Muslims? The opinions of Muslims, or the opinions of countries that bomb the shit out of Muslims.

        If you vote for the latter you are an out and out white supremacist.

        • Oops, you’re slipping Mark. You’ve forgotten to add that Saudi Arabia, that renowned bastion of human rights, is also in full support of the Chinese Communist Party’s wonderful Xinjiang concentration camps.

          I’m glad to see you’ve included Myanmar though. The Rohinga people wouldn’t want their own slice of human rights paradise to be forgotten.

      • Nukefacts: “…you just must be a mouthpiece of the Chinese regime. Or a woke millennial so far up themselves that anything that questions the refulgent glory of anyone-not-white-from-overseas must be stomped on with propaganda and abuse.”

        So: no actual counter-argument then? Just ad-homs.

        Mark is right.

    • Didn’t China declare Islam a mental illness? Aren’t there, like, over a million Muslims being held in Chinese ‘re-education camps’? And isn’t true that Muslim nations are staying quiet about this because China gives them billions in loans and investments?

      Are the Muslim nations actually in support of China….. Or are they just so reliant on them that they can’t speak up for fear of being smacked back down?

      • FFS — -they should be more scared of the West which bombs the shit outta them if they are not the West’s pliant lackeys.

        The fact that these countries are standing up against Western hypocrisy is testimony to the fact that the non-Western world is starting together and 2 centuries of Western hegemony is coming to an end.

        What is just as interesting is every single country that signed that document (except Japan) is a Western European country, mainly protestant. Hardly representative of world opinion, unless you assume only the opinion of Western europeans count in any way

      • Masarius: “Didn’t China declare Islam a mental illness? Aren’t there, like, over a million Muslims being held in Chinese ‘re-education camps’? And isn’t true that Muslim nations are staying quiet about this because China gives them billions in loans and investments?”

        I thought it wasn’t necessary to say this again, but: be careful about news from western msm. That includes the UK, of course. They purvey propaganda; they’ve been rumbled for it so many times, that I’d assumed that nobody now takes such outlets seriously.

        I’ve often heard from fellow NZers that – having figured out that all is not well regarding local reportage – they go to al Jazeera. Look at which polity funds it, and whom said polity has been supporting financially in the ME in recent times.

        See this:

        “Last month marked three decades since the conclusion of the 1989 Tiananmen Square demonstrations in China. The anniversary is opportune for Washington and its Western partners to ramp-up their Sinophobic smear campaign while recycling the hoax they have propagated ever since the June Fourth incident occurred.

        Coverage of the commemoration has been wedded with the ongoing propaganda and wild accusation that the People’s Republic has currently detained up to 1 million Turkic Uyghur Muslims from the autonomous Xinjiang province in “concentration camps.”

        Simultaneously, opposition marches have erupted in the former British colony of Hong Kong with the financial backing of astro-turfing NGOs against a controversial extradition bill with the mainland.

        Like Tiananmen Square thirty years ago, the “pro-democracy” gatherings in the self-governing territory have become increasingly violent as rioters have stormed legislative buildings while hoisting the colonial-era dragon and lion flag as their emblem.

        The adoption of the Union Jack is reminiscent of the Syrian opposition’s appropriation of the French Mandate-era flag as its ensign — and we all know how “peaceful” those protests turned out to be.

        In August of last year, the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) performed a routine analysis of China’s accordance with the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.

        The only member to include the charge of Uyghur ‘internment camps’ was the committee’s American vice-chair, Gay McDougall, who did so based on allegations made by a shadowy opposition group located in Washington, D.C., known as the Network of Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD).

        In other words, the UN did not officially make this determination but was only the interpretation of one American representative based on the conjecture of a dubious and biased “human rights” organization. Nevertheless, Western corporate media reported this unquestioningly second-hand under the assumption that the CERD committee consisted of UN internal sources when it is actually comprised of “independent experts” like McDougall.

        Unsurprisingly, CHRD is directly tied to the highly politicized Human Rights Watch (HRW) NGO, which despite its name could not be more at odds with its declared vocation given its shared personnel and history of policies in lock-step with the world’s greatest violator of human rights, especially against Muslim countries, in the United States government.”

      • Perhaps all religions based on a supernatural being are a indicative or mental illness or at least an inability to question and think.
        Of the 10,000 religions – which one is right as the all claim they are.
        The simple answer is the one that collects the most money as that seems the primary purpose.
        I am willing to be persuaded other wise but please not with arguments based on hearsay, quotation from old texts nor miracles or visions..

        Hong Kong under British rule had no democratic representation.
        Now back under China they do.

        But like Unraine the US and also UK are causing a stupid foment to create division. Western MSM of course complies.

        Regime change? – or will a running sore be enough.

        China can flood Hong Kong with pro China citizens if needed.

        The protestors are not popular and seen as disruptive and unrealistic.

  3. Oh Martyn, if you say anything even vaguely negative about the Han Chinese racist Nazi-style dictatorship, including the truth, then you are a racist, xenophobic extremist, just like Trump. 🙂

  4. If you think you have intensive farming here, you have not been to Europe or East Asia yet.

    From the horse’s (propaganda) mouth:


    Commercial enterprises force the way, and that in China also with state support, the negatives do get ignored or ridiculed, we are in for further transformations of NZ agriculture, one way or another.

    Mammon is calling, the environment is only there to be exploited by using modern gene altering and intensive farming growing techniques.

    Who will dare stop it, and how?

  5. It is called Realpolitik and NZ Inc’s governments do the same with Saudi Arabia, Iran or any other country, the dollar bills are more important than upsetting other countries’ governments with critical comments or sanctimonious lecturing.

    Forget the stuff that stands on paper (human rights), the commodity trade rules.

  6. I also notice Chinese get lighter justice in NZ. I hope Oranga Tamariki are aware aged Chinese men touching little boys penises, is now ok in NZ for cultural reasons!

    “Judge Alistair Garland said he accepted the submission from defence counsel Lee Lee Heah that it was a “cultural mistake” and a conviction would cause Ren a deep sense of failure.

    He decided the consequences would be out of proportion to the gravity of the offence and discharged Ren without conviction under section 106 of the Sentencing Act.

    The incident happened at 9.45am on August 18, when he was in the changing rooms. The young victim – who Ren did not know – was getting changed with his father when Ren pointed at him and began laughing.

    Ren then reached over and touched his penis in a flicking motion. He continued laughing, and touched the penis again, gently pinching it, when the father told him to stop.

    Ren told police he liked the victim because he reminded him of his grandson in China. He said he did not know that such behaviour was an offence in New Zealand, and he had been showing the victim genuine affection.

    A cultural report, prepared by Ren’s daughter, said tweaking a child’s penis was a common form of endearment in China.”

    It seems Chinese traditions are more readily accepted as a defence in NZ than Maori cultural defence! These Maori guys got jailed for catching fish and cultural reasons were clearly not enough to discharge them without a conviction like the Chinese penis toucher!

    Interestingly millions of dollars of money laundering is also ok with a 5 month stint in a NZ luxury penthouse if you are Chinese. You of course get to keep your NZ citizenship!

  7. It’s simple economics. New Zealand is an export economy that is heavily dependent on the Chinese market to buy our stuff. Globalisation has stripped our economy of manufacturing and all we have left is intensive farming. Politicians are terrified China will crush our economy if we stand up to them.

    Want NZ to stand up to foriegn regimes? Then put pressure on the government to diversify our trade partners.

    Want to save the environment? Then put pressure on the government to introduce legislation that promotes a reverse of globalisation and introduces other industries to our local market. Only then could we move away from intensive agriculture as a primary source of income.

    Want to stop mass foriegn ownership of our farms? Then put pressure on the government to introduce legislation that stops foriegn markets from using NZ as a land bank (a capital gains tax would have been a start….).

    • Which is what Winnie wanted to do with the Russian free trade deal.
      Arm twisting by our special friend in 2014 made that impossible.
      Lets face it, if we only trade with morally perfect partners we dont trade at all. And its not like we are as pure as the driven snow either.
      Willing to stand up and denounce Trump whenever every one else does but too gutless to stand up for Julian Assange
      I’m sorry, but Mark has a point about the relentless media attacks on China.There’s a lot of geopolitical posturing going on and we’d be wise to take a step back
      We should be insulating ourselves by being as self sufficient as possible.

      • Francesca: “Lets face it, if we only trade with morally perfect partners we dont trade at all. And its not like we are as pure as the driven snow either.”

        Exactly. Moreover, in China’s case, we’re clearly being fed propaganda; as we were over Tiananmen Square, all those years ago. As for the protests in Hong Kong, it’s obvious that all is not what it seems.

        The older I’ve got, the more I realise, too, that the behaviour we deplore in other polities – even if it’s a reality, and not just propaganda – is largely down to the elites.

        Ordinary people, especially in countries which aren’t democracies, don’t get a say in what their governments do. But those ordinary people still need to eat; continuing NZ trade allows that to happen. Those protesting our trade with China, along with other countries demonised by the west, need to keep that in mind.

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