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    • Thanks, SAVENZ

      The following (below) is from your link. Do you know if this has been put to the Government and if so, what was their response?

      In New Zealand, the Emissions Trading Scheme currently pays much higher prices for carbon sequestered by pinus radiata plantations than by natural forests. For this reason, despite a promise that two thirds of the Billion Trees policy would be devoted to native trees, foresters are overwhelmingly using this fund to plant pine trees (88 percent) rather than natives (12 percent).

      Given collapsing log prices, a scientific consensus that plantation forests should not be used to tackle climate change, and the catastrophic impacts of pine harvesting as seen in Tolaga Bay and elsewhere, it is crazy that Billion Trees is being used to plant pine trees, not natives. This policy is being rorted.

      At present, New Zealand is heading in the opposite direction to many other countries, with almost no thought at all being given to ‘close to nature’ forestry as a viable alternative to exotic plantation forests. With unsaleable logs piling up in ports around the country, it’s time to read the global signals, and change course.

      • Hi The Chairman,

        Not sure it has been put to government, but you would hope they would have thought a bit more about it past the slogan of 1 billion trees… on second thoughts with Kiwibuild, it seems that slogans rule and practicality and research is not necessary for government policy.

        Yep the legacy of Natz screwing up NZ is huge, but one fears that there is very little thinking beyond the Labour slogans and the parties are just networking and more a kin to ScabLabour, NZ Last, Greenwashing in policy…

        I am hoping that things will change with the above parties because they are better than the Natz, but the above approaches (scab labour, Green washing and NZ handouts for big industry) won’t save NZ going forward just slow down our demise….

  1. Are we talking about ‘love’ or ‘hate’, really? Al l religions, except Buddhism and parts of Hinduism appear to be based on HATE.

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