Student Summer Guide: What You Should Do Before This Summer Is Over


Summer is here. Your mind is full of plans, expectations, and emotions that the warmest season is about to bring. Your essays, exams, tests, and all the other academic challenges are over – now you can relax! And no one can tell you about the deadlines or any other to-do stuff! You have worked really hard, and your college progress is pretty impressive.

So, what goes next?

We’ve made this short list of some great summer activities that you have to consider before the autumn time. Let’s start!

#1 Do the Things You’ve Been Procrastinating on

Whether it’s choosing a new house for your pet, fixing a broken vase, deep dorm cleaning, decorating your room, or anything else that you’ve put off, summer is a perfect time to go ahead and get the things done.

#2 Turn off the Internet & Go Meeting Real People

Let’s face the ugly truth – students live on the web these days. And even when they’re outside, the only thing they do is staring at the phone screen scrolling the Facebook newsfeed endlessly. It’s summer now! Unplug and make sure to experience real life off the cyber world. Call your friends and find out how they all are doing.

#3 Get to Know How You’ve Changed as a Person

Every other semester is like a little life. You’ve definitely been pushed differently and changed one way or another. So, use this summer vacation as the opportunity to get to know yourself better. In the end, you will become a confident young person with clarity, self-reliance, and a solid understanding of your skill sets.

#4 Get a Brand-New Experience

Remember the days when you were a kid, and summer was the time you always looked forward to? We all took time off of studies in order to try something we had never tried before and began to collect those unforgettable moments that would turn into precious memories. Why do we have to stop this “tradition” now? There are dozens of interesting things that are waiting for you to explore, and the best thing is that you have three whole months for that! Go mountain climbing and skydiving. Go somewhere you’ve never been to. The options are out there, and your future self will thank you one day.

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#5 List the Goals You Plan to Reach During the New Academic Year

In the summertime, you have enough time to ponder over and set clear and realistic goals for the upcoming year. The point here is that writing down each in a journal, planner, or blog will enable you to re-check them later and make changes to assess your progress.

#6 Go Visit a Body of Water

Summer is an amazing time to enjoy the water. Go find the nearest river, lake or any other body of water to swim or enjoy fishing with family and friends. Get tan, go yachting, or learn to swim finally. There are many things that tired students can do once water is in their sight.

#7 Clean Your Room

Declutter your place in order to get rid of the things that you don’t use anymore. Not many people have time to clear out unnecessary stuff during the school year. However, summer is the right season to rearrange your place in order to start the new semester in decent and study-inspiring conditions.

#8 Boost Some of Your Skills

Chances are your scores are off in some subjects. Summer break is your chance to work your skills out and fill knowledge gaps. Are you bad at writing? Start blogging, contact professional writers or editors at companies like to get some valuable advice on how you could boost your texts in the future. Does your knowledge of English Literature leave a lot to be desired? Read, search for historical documents and check them once in a while to boost your skills in the niche.

Enjoy your summer!