The Daily Blog Open Mic – Saturday 13th July 2019


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  1. Marc is taking over all 12 to now – help? And nothing to say beyond links and the barest description. Is this a place for literate people with joined-up thoughts?

    • Grey, you live in the PAST, it is all about ‘events’ and ‘happenings’ and excitement now, links provided are there to give impressions to generate thoughts, perhaps also to provocate, few are bothered with old time ‘discussions’ of ‘grey’ people here.

      Learn to draw your own conclusions and make your own mind up.

  2. Recently the Justice Minister Andrew Little expressed the utmost disgust for Google over their online breach of name suppression for a murder suspect. Google in recent days seems to have taken aboard Little’s concerns (in good faith rather than legally) suspending the online mechanism responsible for distributing suppressed names. One issue for me is the desire for our government to influence how companies operate abroad, extraterritorially gaming the system before any offences have even occurred on our shores. This is the kind of imperial reach that results for instance in journalists being forcibly dragged out of sovereign embassies by a foreign country, charged with offences they didn’t commit in a foreign country, with the threat of being extradited to a foreign country of which they are not a citizen. The other issue for me is more local. When is the Justice Minister of this country going to do something about our justice system? If you want to talk about system gaming, what about standardising the conviction and sentences for all citizens in this country regardless of who they are, where they are from or how much they have (can give?). And what about the ridiculous name suppression charade in this country, where every sportsperson, actor, entertainer, richlister, halfwit son and greaseball gets publication name suppression (often permanently) while the browner, poorer, less educated, less connected sectors of society get no such right to privacy? Maybe we do need the likes of Google in society, to at least let us know what is going on, even facilitate transparency and fairness. Do we disregard some of our right to privacy via their rabid marketing and surveillance as a sacrifice for better awareness? Do we need overseas companies to provide New Zealanders with the truth?

      • Jully good comment, with either word Jody. While we have been complacently skiting about how good NZ is over the decades, the standards of everything have kept on falling and we have to wipe the sleep out of our eyes and stop being so dozy.

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