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  1. Just put this on TS in the hope that it’ll provoke some discussion on devotees there, and now here:

    Sorry to keep banging on about the state of our public service, but Easton nails it:

    Parachuting in the generic manager from offshore into senior positions when they do not yet understand (or have experienced) NZ society and culture always seems to end in tears, and it usually just goes on to serve the neo-lib’ agenda.

    And Easton’s argument is particularly relevant when it comes to those agencies dealing with social issues

      • yea well, ps reform is long long long overdue – probably the very FIRST thing a ‘transformational and kind’ gummint should have attempted.
        Jonathan Boston and his team have some bloody good ideas, but IMO, not the full answer. But every little helps as the old woman said as she spat into the ocean.

        (They’ll get it one day I ‘spose – long after I’m fertilising the turnips)

        • I wrote something about downgrading the 4th estate in with the rest of the middle managers.

          So the pyramid is inverted. Y’know Google took off with all the ad revenue and flipped the joint. And I’m not sure we can turn it back over.

          If we were to rehabilitate the 4th estate then we’d have things like Modern Monatary Theory, decentralized government, disintermediation and shrinking of the finically sector.

          There’d have to be a massive loss of trust in the system so we could take it all down and rebuild it.

    • Oh, look another overseas appointment that failed in their job coming to NZ…

      New council boss leaving behind a struggling authority in UK

      “Dawn Baxendale is finishing up as head of the Birmingham City Council to take on the new role, replacing Karleen Edwards who left the job in June having come to the end of her five-year contract.

      Mrs Baxendale, whose start date has yet to be confirmed, left a struggling council in the UK, only 16 months into the job.

      Her council, the second largest in Europe, was criticised in a government-ordered report by the Birmingham Independent Improvement Panel, over its “denial, defensiveness and push-back about the extent of its problems, risks and challenges”.

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