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  1. As well as the Southland women who have to deliver babies in cars and on the side walk, it seems like this nurse wasn’t even given a CT or MRI scan for a tumour that would have paralysed here within a week, even though she worked for the Southland hospital.

    Something is wrong with health care decisions in that region!

    Invercargill nurse who was told tumour was ‘in her head’ collapses in Australia before emergency surgery

    (Maybe like OZ we should actually be more concerned with quality health care for those who live there all their lives , not increasingly patchy health care declining per person so we can keep the our low wage economy lazy immigration ponzi and the fraudsters in clover.

    The rise of frauds that apparently nobody notices in the public service!

    “Between August 2000 and August 2006, Otago District Health Board was defrauded of $16.9 million by its former board chief information officer Micheal Andrew Swann, 47, and his friend, Queenstown surveyor Kerry Gray Harford, 48, as his accomplice (Peart, 2008).
    Swann abused his authority and signed off 198 invoices from Harford-owned company.”

    Sending a message fraud is Ok!

    “The Serious Fraud Office won’t pursue criminal charges against former Waikato DHB chief Dr Nigel Murray, saying it would be too costly.

    Counties Manukau DHB calls in Serious Fraud Office to investigate alleged historical fraud

    Stealing from the public is apparently ok and takes years to discover!

    Ports of Auckland

    Ports of Auckland fraudster Litiia Rokele Vuniduvu sentenced to three years in prison


    The Ministry of Transport fraud case: Why the rot goes deeper than Joanne Harrison

    NZTA chose American IT firm over cheaper NZ firms, documents reveal

    Auckland council

    Two jailed, six leave jobs in country’s largest bribery case

    Auckland Council’s former HQ sold for $3m, sparking SFO complaint

    Auckland’s Heart of the City funding queried post-Swney

  2. As soon as government controls were lessened there was jubilation around the rohe from those who could bump up their expenses (because they are worth it.)

    So those fraudsters in SaveNz comments probably feel misunderstood and not appreciated. I am sure we all know some IT worker trying to keep some system going, a bit under-staffed with management not really listening to ideas to beef up the system with some tweeks and small changes not just propping up some corporate overseas. But the money to buy new goodies comes from a different putea. So you get something a bit different which requires work integrating it into the present system. Meanwhile people at the top swan off with oodles of money whether they succeed or not!

    It’s not a new situation, but the theme constantly is we have never had it so good. And as people get overridden, have to swallow the hypocrisy, the joi de vivre goes out of life, and the bright spark of innovation gets muted into making do with the best fix for the moment. We are all making do, and trying to defend past achievements and the defenceless from the grim money-makers who can never have enough. Here is Jonathan Pie on the current UK mosh pit. ( Hunt v Johnson – I think he said Hunt actually likes hunting, so watch out first they’ll come for the foxes, then they’ll come for You.

    I was watching David Brooks on a Ted Talk about the need to know and be friends with each other. Warmth and sincere enjoyment of companionship helps in the existential winter. (

    Cheer up it will be summer soon, and we will wish it was winter. Enjoy!

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