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  1. wah, wah, now they are complaining that there applications get scrutiny – sounds like with some of the bizarre people getting residency that are going to be continued burdens on NZ society, that the greedy immigration advisor Ponzi industry preying on both the migrants and the NZ taxpayer needs a lot more scrutiny!

    P>S also allowing people to borrow money short term to show they have enough funds to live in NZ, that scam has been going on for decades, close it down now! They should have to show regular income for 2 years to prove they have funds to study/work here NOT just borrow the money short term and then join the criminal community, support loansharks for income and come to NZ not for their study but to work a crap job and somehow that makes them get residency.

    Probably 3/4 of the student and work applicants don’t have enough money to study or work here but are lured here by third parties encouraging them to borrow money for immigration advisor fees and work/study scams, which they can’t afford!

  2. NZ becoming a place for criminals to gain a passport due to our pathetic rules here that practically guarantees an overseas criminal (or someone paying a visa advisor whose a criminal) whose good with fake paperwork or criminal happy to marry within a few days a ‘NZ passport holder’ or permanent resident or produce a child here (while the migrants who are honest truthful get less of a chance).

    Number of fraudulent visa applications to New Zealand nearly doubles

    The numbers of unemployed here are astonishing as is the profit margins for those bringing them in and charging them massive visa and ccomodation fees and when the jobs or courses are fake or substandard, then don’t worry we encourage mores scams by changing the work permits so that the duped are free to work for someone else, the dupers keeps their profits, even though the original premise of migrants coming in in the first place is fraud…

    No wonder NZ is so popular as a destination for visa fraud! Our rules and the woke encourage it!

    Meanwhile no one seems to care about the victims of having so many scams around labour and education which take up housing, jobs and congestion and pollution for the locals (that they have to pay for in increased rates/increase rents from rates for new infrastructure)…

    Thousands of Aucklanders living in food poverty – City Mission–city-mission

    New Zealand suicide rate highest since records began

  3. Another migrant scam… we really attract the best and brightest to NZ, sarcasm! Then the ponzi can continue as they scam other criminal migrants and get them jobs and residency in NZ!

    “A Parakai bakery has been ordered to pay back $33,886 unlawfully deducted from a migrant worker’s wages in return for giving him a job.

    EMA Bakery and Espresso Limited director Chhieng​ Mean Hok required Pavneet Singh to return part of his weekly wages in return for getting the job and support for his work visa applications.

    Singh worked as a baker from 2011 till February 2017, when he left the job. About four months later, Singh was arrested in Henderson on three charges of assault and one charge of a threat to kill.

    A psychiatric assessment revealed Singh was a regular user of methamphetamine and had experienced a psychotic episode. Singh also served a sentenced of ten weeks in prison.”


    More quality low paid workers coming to NZ, sarcasm!

    No wonder employers struggle to find decent staff anymore and Meth is out of control and wages are declining!

    We also love the white collar migrant criminals committing fraud’s here too


    It seems that the Labour government supports John Key’s governments lax immigration controls and have not reduced immigration even thought that is why many people (including honest migrants who don’t want the criminals coming here either) voted for them!

    • The Immigration Dept seems to be suffering from a bad dose of lack of ethics and morality. Immigration in any country often seems to fall into bad ways. I think they have so much power that it’s a case of the truism that ‘ Power tends to corrupt; and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely’.

      I am sick of hearing that the Immigration Dept is unwilling to create standards and registrations, and offer reasonable refunds when they jerk people around for too long, or change regulations, or up the demands that applicants have to fill thus changing the system from that originally applicable.
      Now solicitors, advocates, trying to get justice and fair dealing and making complaints can find that they are being stone-walled and the Department in its power, can note them as undesirable because they dare to question bad behaviour from the Dept or inefficiency.
      It is not satisfactory for citizens to see our government behave in such unsatisfactory, unfair, authoritarian ways.

      The systems as drawn up, or as chosen to be administered, are quite unreasonable and badly need overhauling. Tying an immigrant with a work visa to one employer is an excuse for that employer to blackmail the worker. This was a case that was published recently. (I think that changes are due to be made, but action in needed by next month or two, not till it suits the management and staff to get down from their thrones and actually provide timely, fair, effective service at a reasonable cost.)

      Wanaka worker stranded at airport after boss’s comments to Immigration NZ wins $87k payout

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