Mayoral candidate John Tamihere has criticised Auckland Mayor Phil Goff for supporting AucklandTransport’s attempt to ban all parking on berms, calling it “a further extension of AT’s war on cars – withGoff dancing to their tune once again.”

“As is their usual practice, Auckland Transport is using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, complaining theydon’t want to put up signs where parking is prohibited,” Tamihere said.

“AT claims it costs $50,000 a street to put up ‘No Parking’ signs – that’s a ridiculous statement. If they are paying that much to signage suppliers they need to review their procurement processes.

“A blanket ban across the city to stop motorists using the berms outside their homes is yet anotherbureaucratic attempt to wage war on cars, and Phil Goff is AT’s willing servant yet again.

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“The AA’s suggestion of just putting signs where car parking is not wanted is a much better suggestion.

“Goff claims the CRL will make a difference to people’s parking needs. What do they do for the next fiveyears? He’s claiming light rail will start in Auckland next year. It’s not funded and they haven’t evenfinished the business case next year.

“He’s claiming success for the North Shore Busway – but traffic congestion is worse than ever on the Harbour Bridge. Any North Shore resident will tell you that.

“Goff is waging war on cars now while promising public transport improvements five years away. He’sbacking AT in their anti-car agenda – check out my webpage  for proof that there is a planned assault on motorists,” Tamihere said.


  1. A war on cars is well overdue, so if a mayoral candidate is banging this drum, they will have a higher chance of my vote at least. And not privatising our assets will help. Pedestrianisation of the city centre is in the works, and when the CRL is completed, and public transport fares adjusted, cars will really start to lose the battle. One can barely contain ones excitement at such a thought!

  2. Can’t really see how banning car parking on grass berms is a “war against cars”.
    It just makes it more difficult and/or expensive to park them, it doesn’t do much to actually dissuade people from using them in the first place.
    A congestion tax would be more effective.
    So would free public transport, the idea of which is gradually gaining credibility as more and more cities around the world move to it.
    Of course there are people who sagely remind us that nothing is free and it is just a question of who pays for it?
    That is true, of course, but there are many ways that such a model can be funded and these should be explored.
    Oh yes, we have Gold Card off-peak free transport on buses but this doesn’t reduce car numbers much because most people who use Gold Cards would not be able to drive a car anyway.
    So yes, do something positive about the traffic congestion, Phil and John, but don’t start talking about “wars on cars” otherwise you instantly run up against the Kiwi “I love my car” mentality and then nothing will ever change.

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