Cough-Cough – So in 6 months there were 300 instances of neglect or abuse of kids in state care


Look Minister, sure the term ‘baby trafficking’ technically sums up what we are doing here, but I don’t think NZ is ready of the phrase yet. Let’s keep calling it child protection.  

Cough-Cough – So in 6 months there were 300 instances of neglect or abuse of kids in state care…

Oranga Tamariki staff harmed children in care, documents reveal

Oranga Tamariki has revealed more details about the harm and abuse being done to children in its care – and who is doing it.

In March, the Ministry for Children released its first two reports on safety of children in care, covering the six months to December 2018.

In that period, there were over 300 instances of neglect, or emotional, sexual or physical abuse.

…now remind me again why we are stealing kids & putting them into the ‘safety’ of State care?

Surely if you are going to ‘save’ children from abuse, you don’t then abuse them?

Don’t tell me that we weaponised CYFs uplift policy in 2016 and went about removing as many children big data algorithms tell us will be a long term welfare cost without resourcing the services we will need to send those costly welfare units (children) to?

Tell me this cost cutting agenda to redefine poverty as acute so that universal welfare provision is removed had the fucking foresight to fund the state care these kids will be dropped off in.

Please tell me we didn’t just muscle up the powers to take without making sure there was money and resources to protect those uplifted kids.

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Oh look at that, we did do exactly that and 300 kids in state ‘care’ were abused. Oh the lols.

No one is suggesting there aren’t bad bugger parents who need to have their child removed – we are adults, we understand that, but what was unearthed by Oranga Tamariki was a cookie cutter bureaucratic regime focused on seizing children with white saviour zealotry and now it turns out we are abusing those kids in state care.

It is rapidly becoming clear that this uplift policy is as deeply flawed as the meth hysteria policy. The Prime Minister and the Minister need to watch the Newsroom footage today.




  1. I am looking forward to other government departments being scrutinised hopefully the Minister will see they are either just as bad or worse then cyfs who I loath to call OT. Governments have all been breaching the TOW not collecting proper data for starters (the census) that informs and helps shape and develop policy. How can a government adhere to their TOW obligations when they don’t have the evidence/data to do so. This was deliberate by national as was withholding OIA stuff and redacting vital information, this is not best practise but we just had 9 yrs of being governed by people with very little ethics and integrity.

  2. Taking a child away from the parents should be the last resort.

    However if the child is taken then the laws should be there for the child to have a stable life with a new family that is stable for the child.

    I can totally see why many people who would be excellent to foster and adopt children are turned off, because the caregivers seem to have few rights and for example can’t get proper medical care for the kids without parental consent being given, or even get a haircut or vaccination judging by this article.

    Foster parents battle for more day-to-day rights

    Bear in mind that many children are in care for a reason in the first place and there may be difficultly with birth parents to make decisions due to drug/impaired ability to make decisons or use their ability to give consent in a way that negatively impacts a child taken into foster care.

    It is a bad situation made worse with laws that seem to not put the child’s long term welfare first.

    Moving kids around should not be acceptable. They should be able to be fostered or adopted as soon as possible… unless the child themselves does not want it or asks for a different caregiver.

  3. This is also a good idea

    Supernanny-like social workers could be living in at-risk homes as part of new social services…

    Even if social workers lived full time with a family for 2 – 4 weeks and then checked in daily it would be a help for high risk situations such as family violence, addiction, severe mental illness … could help the women too if they are at risk of violence…

    Also depends of the quality of the social workers too! Not much point if the social workers are not professionally trained and perhaps under the management of a registered psychologist for advice…

  4. You know I’m looking at this interview of John Campbell with Grainne Moss yesterday and I’m thinking who is this entitled, miserable old sadist tasked with leadng a social ministry? And why is she stating that ‘Maori’ are more likely to require intervention from the state, when ‘Maori’ citizens also have European ancestry (Hint: you should only acknowledge someone is Maori if you are portraying them in a positive light). I am Maori but these issues have nothing to do with me or my ancestors (I am though part of Jacinda’s village, understanding the need to protect, nurture and grow the kids). To generalise any abuse to be a symptom of a certain ethnicity is particularly nasty. I will offer up three reasons for suggesting Maori harm their kids more than other ethnicities: one is that you are a racist, two is that you are perpetuating a lazy trope unsubstantiated by any research but which flies off the tongue beautifully, and thirdly is that you make a living out of the indigenous people of New Zealand being both on struggle street and also being portrayed as evil incarnate. I suspect all three symbiotically live of each other, the carer actually the cruel, socialism actually just business. Now NZ is a country settled in the second wave predominantly by people of the UK. There is as much likelihood that Grainne Moss shares ancestral ties with her clients at Oranga Tamariki than anyone in NZ. Then again, if we want to continue the theme here, Moss also shares 96%of her DNA with chimpanzees, but primates I suggest have more of a sense of family.

  5. Okay – how many children were abused in the care of their parents over this period? Most people understand that most families are the best place for children to be. But staff within this statutory agency are exposed to exceptions to this rule on a very regular basis. Certainly any abuse of a child in state care is unacceptable – as is the uplift of any child if there is a safe and caring adult family member able to manage where the parents cannot or won’t. Usually the reasons adults can’t or won’t care for their children is drug related (including alcohol) or to do with parental mental health issues. It is truely fucking stupid to state that the family is always the best place for a child BUT it is reasonable to say that family links need to be carefully assessed before any non-kin placement – because it needs to be noted that many Oranga Tamariki care placements for children at with extended whanau members.

    • Precisely.
      How about we just leave all kids in care of parents for 6 months and see what damages the savages would do in the meantime? Don’t people understand that it’s not the job of the State to raise children and if you’re abusing them you have zero recourse when an attempt is made to give them a better life.

  6. So much for democratic feedback to this bullshit. I used to beleive this blog was a good place to view decent journalism but have come to realise that it is no better than the fucking mainstream media in terms of not worrying about letting facts get in the way of good clickbait – what a fucking letdown that you are just like the others Martyn censoring views that don’t meet with yours. Get fucked you facist cunt!

  7. Ryan Bridge is upset. On TV3’s The AM Show today he reinforced the evil-Maori trope by saying NZ’s domestic violence problem is inherently indigenous. Speaking to the CEO of Women’s Refuge, Bridge deflected Steve Hansen’s contention that domestic violence is not perpetuated mainly by men (itself remarkable), but by ‘Maori’. Going off script in rambling incoherence, Bridge pulled, like a rabbit out of a hat, research by Owen Glen (yes the same Glen that pleaded no contest to an assault in Hawaii in 2002) which supposedly reinforced this evil-Maori trope (Ang Jury quite rightly asked him what his point was). Alas the AM Show suffers the same fatal research flaws inherent in most breakfast segments (bias i.e. weaponisation of ethnicity; incompleteness e.g. definition of Maori not stated; rigour i.e. lack of method, independence, impartiality, social value, ethics, validation etc.). Ryan Bridge is upset and furious because anyone defined as ‘Maori’ by Newshub (usually in a derogatory and harmful way) is actually as much pakeha as he is (also we with Maori and pakeha ancestry can claim either whenever the hell we want thanks, just as some mouthpiece can claim a whole race of people is violent for clickbait or to make them feel good about themselves). Bridge is upset and crying because as a man his mana is diminished by the fact that men predominantly beat the family, contrary to what a rugby coach says.

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