Western Sahara and Ravensdown’s CEO


Western Sahara Campaign-NZ note with some surprise that Ravensdown’s Greg Campbell has been named the 2019 Primary Industries Chief Executive of the Year at the inaugural Primary Industries Awards.

Given the role of Ravensdown in the ongoing plunder of the phosphate rock resource of Western Sahara we believe the award to be nothing short of disgraceful.

Firstly, we urge the presenters of the award Federated Farmers and Conferenz, who partnered to form the joint venture producing Primary Industries New Zealand, to rescind the award.

Secondly, In accepting the award Campbell said that ‘Leadership is about listening, fronting up to challenges and welcoming scrutiny.’

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If Campbell is serious about ‘fronting up to challenges’ Western Sahara Campaign-NZ challenges him to accept the Sahrawi invitation to visit their refugee camps.