GUEST BLOG: Ross Meurant – Asteroid Alert!


Four asteroids on collision with Earth – the next as soon as 2022!

If this prediction is accurate, earth could be in for a bit of a shake up within the life time of many readers on Daily Blog, today!

Given the two biggest recent asteroid hits on earth since 1908, were in Russia, the probability (as best I recall my lectures on statistical probability) of Russia being whacked a third time, seems remote.

The question I pose today is: If one of these mothers is gonna hit us, where would you prefer the centre of impact to be?

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Ross Meurant is a former Police Officer, Politician and author.



  1. Thanks for this, Ross. Thanks a lot. It’s already been a scary week knowing that if I die and go to heaven I could run into Israel Fonau, and if I go to hell I could meet Paula, and spending eternity with either of them would be death of me were I not already death-ed, and now I could be doing it in little disconnected bits and pieces.

    I would prefer not Siberia, as parts of it are so stunningly beautiful. Australia could currently do with a bit of a wake-up or a shut-up call, or maybe the Basin Reserve in Wgtn to force the WCC to stop stuffing around about it; not the Middle East, they’ve suffered far too much, ditto Eastern Europe, so it looks as if it will have to be Australia – if that’s ok with God and you.

    Insurance ?

  2. “If one of these mothers is gonna hit us, where would you prefer the centre of impact to be?”

    Please please PLEASE! Let it be Washington DC. Preferably while as many of the Establishment as possible are in residence. I have a list….

    I note that Hollywood disaster movies on this topic generally have these things swiping the east coast. Often “a-Noo Yawk” (as I remember an Israeli tourist many years ago describing it in my hearing). So I think it’s past time that Washington DC had a turn. That’d sure fix the swamp.

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